How to impress a girl tips and ways to impress a girl which smile you and make you laugh and also tell you how to impress boys.
I was actually love with one of my college junoiur since last 5 years but till now she dont love me.
To tell you the truth, the best way to impress a girl is to be nice, and therefore, a potential friend. All the guys will possess some normal character that everyone has but the girls are impressed by some different thing that you have apart from others.
Most times guys just try too hard and become someone who they really aren't and it just screws things. And i love her a lot but i cant express through mail so if u can suggest then it will be great help from your side. So it is always advisable to give some time and know whether it has all elements of true love or not.

When you approach a girl you show maximum interest on her and you let her talk to the maximum. If the girls are focusing much on the money you have, then they probably love your money and not you.
And moreover when you are speaking it is necessary that you are very careful on what you speak because if some word goes hurting, there will be severe consequences in your relationship. Once the girl becomes comfortable, dependent on you and gets emotionally involved, that is the stage to take friendship further to relationship and express your love. If she asks you on why you are silent, tell her that you are enjoying what she is speaking.
The reason for that is, they buy anything that the girl demands with the money that he has. On other end, this time also gives you opportunity to know whether you are made for each other or not.

When you listen you can pick up on opportunities for further engaging conversation.Dreams then you need to seriously work on solid techniques to achieve your goal. If you plan to impress the girl in the girl in the first sight you will end up with some confusion.
If she thinks that you are capable of keeping her happy, then she will definitely be impressed.
Make her show some attention to your plus points and see to it that she gets attracted to one of the plus points to a greater extent.

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