Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. What to actually do:What you need to do is make sure she is in a mindset whereshe finds you attractive.
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Men find it very exciting to watch two girls while they kissing and exchange sexual effusions.
If she likes hard kissing she will take the initiative herself.Don't be afraid that she will understand that you have never kissed before.
So instead of going straight forthe tongue poke, you give her a small but sensual kiss that covers her lips.Kiss her like this for a few more times and slowly moveher towards you by grabbing her waist or her head andpulling her closer to you.
You kiss should prove the girl that she is important to you and you will do you best to make her feel safe and secure with you.
Lastly, most importantly, you need to know how to kiss a girl whenever you attach the very first time. Or do you want to know how to actually putyourself in a position where she is open to the idea of you kissing her? Once you do this, and you cansense that she likes what you are doing, you initially go using your tongue slowly.

This post contains a collection of the best kisses of amateur girls, young students captured during the party. The main advice for the shy people is to be not afraid to show their embarrassment and shyness. If the girl likes you she will find the way to hint you about her desires.2Zone of comfortTo understand if the girl is ready to accept your kiss analyze the personal comfort distance she provides for you. If you hardly feel you heart beating and your knees get weak be absolutely sure that it is quite normal.
The zone of private space of the girls doesn't usually extend for more than one and a half ft. After all even those who have enough experience may feel nervous and perplexed each time they kiss someone new. If you both feel comfortable sitting that close to each other that means that you are subconsciously ready for more intimate communication.3Take it slowlyThere is no need to seal the girl's lips with a kiss all of a sudden.
What one should do in such awkward but exciting situation?The main thing that will help you to overcome your fear and embarrassement is to accept the fact that there are no correct or incorrect ways to kiss.
If you are close with your partner both of you will get pleasure from your first experience. If she doesn't lean back or making a barrier by crossing her arms of legs you may continue slowly.4Release the stressIf you still feel quite nervous start with kissing her hand.

In that way you will have the opportunity to calm down a bit and let her accept your fondling.5HugHug her and nestle her against your chest gently. Stop for a while and let the girl to get accustomed to the feeling of your skin and your smell.
If she doesn't make any attempts to escape from your embrace you may start stroking her back and waist gently.6Hand positionIf you are sure that you hands are warm, dry and soft you may take her face in your hands and slightly press your lips against her ones. Another variant is to hold the back of her head with you palm or softly pull her by her hairstyle. Let her out each time she expresses any anxiety of attempt to release from your hands.7The kissKiss her lower lip delicately. You may either keep silence or say to her how sweet and tender she is.8FinishIf you feel that the girl wants to finish you kiss drop a short soft one on her lips and say something nice to her.

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