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Valentines Day associated with those Valentines kisses, the most romantic day of the year, is slowly approaching. You might think the best way to kiss passionately is to apply whole lot of tongue action, but this is not necessarily true. Kissing is something very personal, you can only tell how to kiss passionately a certain person once you get to know them. The bench of the public park, the movies, a dark pub, the VIP lounge on a disco… all of these are great!

In fact, a good Valentines Day kiss begins as every other kiss, with a soft touch of the lips. If you are spending Valentine with someone you are already dating, chances are your Valentines kisses will be better than ever. Perhaps you have a great idea for a present, or a special date all planned: a romantic walk in the park, candlelight dinner, holding hands and saying each other “I love you”… However, you don’t need to put too much thought on it!
However, if you are willing to take the things one step forward, the best thing you can do is invite your partner for a delicious home made dinner, for just the two of you, of course!
And if you are going to express your love on Valentines Day for the first time, the most important thing to remember is to live for the moment, and enjoying every second of it.

It is safer to touch the other person on the head or on the face, gently caressing their skin with your fingertips.
Maintaining an adequate distance is essential in order to feel the other person’s body, without making them uncomfortable.

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