From the Back CoverNew School = New Chance for That First Kiss Summer is ending, and for once that doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to Elise. This book will be kind of nostalgic, reminding you how you felt when you were a young, insecure teenager. Now that she’s in a new school it appears that Asher, one of the most popular guys in the school, really likes her, however, his girlfriend keeps getting in the way, and Elise just wants them to break up so that she can be with him. Raspberry Kisses – Free E-book!Raspberry Kisses - The Bakery Romance Series Book One - FREE! Shades of ChocolateShades of Chocolate - The Bakery Romance Series Book Two - now available!

She’s hoping that starting fresh at a new high school will turn her first-kiss prospects around. When she starts receiving secret emails from Asher, telling of his true feelings, she hopes that things will work out between them.
Like maybe I would kick her legs out from under her and catch her right before she hits the ground and then kiss her. Elise finds herself tried and almost convicted, barely giving her a chance to defend herself. Wanting to elevate her feelings of self-worth, she lies to her young friend, who lives in her apartment building, telling the story about a fake boyfriend back at home and the booming social life that she used to have.

I think most young people may not be aware of the extreme nature of this offense, and by reading this book, it will make them more aware.

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