Fausto Fernos is the host of iTunes’ #1 LGBT talk show, the Feast of Fun podcast, which he produces and hosts with his partner, Marc Felion. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Fausto Fernos created the Feast of Fools in 1998 as wacky artists variety show in Chicago, Illinois. When he’s not blogging, recording or sleeping, Fausto can be found at the gym or appreciating the beauty found in nature. I saw an ad of some sorts on Facebook with a similar picture to the one you see in the thumbnail. Now that we have the profile of his face drawn in, we can sketch out the ear, then carefully sketch out the eyebrow, and his closed eye.
We will finish off the male by sketching out some of his hair that sticks up a bit, then begin sketching out the angel. I'm going to end this tutorial with a few painterly tips that will show you how exactly I've created my painting on this forbidden kiss concept. Because we're done with the solid outline, we're going to open our 'Brush Preset' panel (Window > Brush) or hit 'F5' on your keyboard to open it. I then go ahead and create a new layer (for the female's shadows) and clip it onto the white layer I've made previously (Alt+Ctrl+G) or (Layer > Create Clipping Mask).

It reminded me of My Chemical Romance's music video 'I Don't Love You', which can be found here. Start with the forehead, then draw in the lining for the nose, mouth, chin, then the jaw line. You will sketch out the thin hair line that frames the face like so, then add some detailing along the neck. This is probably geared entirely towards artists with a pen stylus or 'Wacom Tablet' and Adobe Photoshop.
Let's change the brush to a soft edged shape, which allows us to add soft airbrush painting strokes.
So with inspiration derived from those two references, I created something like this, a glowing angelic girl, and a man in darkness (which is weird because I was listening to Radiohead's Creep as I painted this). You will then sketch out the slender shape of her neck as well as the necklace that she is wearing.
What you do, is prepare yourself with two individual brushes that will serve for different purposes. Shading the man's face is much easier opposed to the woman's, because the man has such a dark value; by using a lighter tone, it's easier to etch highlights, creating better accuracy. With the last image, I go ahead and merge the layers, Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen (twice), and I end up with this effect.

I'm calling this tutorial “how to draw a tattoo kiss", step by step because honestly, I would so get this image inked on my body if I was in the market to do so. I also take a texture and overlay it onto the man, using the 'Overlay' layer option, and bring down the opacity to 17%. After you've got your outline done, get the 'Wand' (Hit 'W' on your keyboard for a shortcut - Photoshop users), and select the inside of the female's white outline. In the next process, I take the smudge brush (which has been improved greatly in Photoshop CS6), and blend out the globs. This process is much easier if you're using Corel Painter, which comes with a variety of natural blenders. I kind of wanted to turn things around and make an image that represented one of my favorite movies “Ghost” which starred the late Patrick Swazye, and Demi Moore. As you can see there is a tear streaming down the man's face as the spirit of his wife kisses him good-bye. I had so much fun creating my own version of the image that inspired me, so I hope you like drawing a tattoo kiss.

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