Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Read on to see how you should kiss your date for the first time:ARIESWhen you first kiss an Aries, you usually don’t have to worry about going too fast or waiting for the right moment. Whether you're studying up before a first date or simply curious, here are some French kissing techniques for anyone looking to learn how to French kiss. Though you should know, they’ll probably kiss you first.TAURUSWhen you first kiss a Taurus, you want to wait.

Stroke or kiss their neck before you kiss their lips to really get them going.GEMINIWhen you first kiss a Gemini, tell them you want to kiss them first. Some Geminis will pounce first, but they’re usually all flirt and no pounce, so you’ll have to.CANCERWhen you first kiss a Cancer, you should know they’re traditional and like comfortable surroundings, so do it at the end of the date on the doorstep. Don’t let it go on too long, and don’t be messy.LEOWhen you first kiss a Leo, make it as dramatic as you can. This sign wants life to be like a movie, and will be disappointed with anything conventional and boring.

Make it passionate and draw it out.VIRGOWhen you first kiss a Virgo, check your breath beforehand. If you went to dinner, hit the bathroom before leaving to make sure nothing is stuck in your teeth and you can pop a mint or use mouthwash.

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