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Think back to 1976 and the Kiss machine would just start turning and cranking out power chord riffs, Four masked super heroes armed the tools of there trade to kick the music industry on its ass.
Flash forward in time to 2012 and after countless member changes and non make up tours, Kiss are back with MONSTER. The album kicks off with the Rock Radio hit Hell Or Hallelujah, A song that makes a 60 year old Paul Stanley sound 21 again.
The first Gene Simmons outing Wall Of Sound is again just a very balls to the wall effort, Gene still sounds strong singing, if I call it singing more like a spoken word. Shout Mercy and Long way down do nothing to make you turn it down, Strong riffs and great soloing from Tommy Thayer keep the fresh sound that some rock music seems to be missing in the current market. The unsung hero of this album is Eric Singer, the new cat on the block is a power house of drumming! If you were a fan of Sonic Boom you will love this, It feels like as a band the four guys are tight and are enjoying what they do again. It would get a 4 outta 5 from me, and I got a free 3D CD cover with my edition so I’m a happy reviewer.

Use these guidelines for your first kiss with the guy of your dreams or just any guy who turns you on. If you want to make the first move, you can give him a peck on the cheek and slowly work your way to the lips when you feel the time is right.
A Paul Stanley produced 12 track album of vintage KISS, if this album had come out in the hay day it would just slot straight in. His voice has suffered over the years, but its to be expected, Years on the road and singing his signature high tone cant be great for the voice box.
Eat Your Heart Out starts a little strange for me, it hurts my ears a little when the opening harmony starts. His vocals are amazing and he has that Peter Criss feel , But just 100`000 times better at his trade, he keeps it all ticking in the background and the album just rolls along nicely.
Its a KISS record and feels like one, It has the token lets market this to death feel you get from a kiss record, but the music holds its own. Whether you're studying up before a first date or simply curious, here are some French kissing techniques for anyone looking to learn how to French kiss. Issues selling the first few albums stopped the machine a little but it was the live album that bought them the success they so rightly deserved. Freak and Back to the Stone Age continue to open the album up well, both songs just sounding very KISS.

For this reviewer it really doesn`t need to be in there, just a booming intro would have been a little nicer. But as the song starts its back to Rock N Roll over, the solo in this track is sharp and on the button.
What are you going to gain by acting excessively hard to get and making him feel like he hasnt a chance? Do whatever you think will let him know that you're interested and are happy around him.
If you want, you can bite your lip a little bit (it makes you look sweet, innocent, and a little nervous.
When you are doing this your hands should be up around his neck, his chest, or even holding onto his hips. If he is angry, then end the situation--no one would like someone to keep on trying to kiss that person if theyre uncomfortable. If you are around your friends (which is not recommended), he may think that youre doing it just for attention if you open your eyes and look at them.

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