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Create a USB car charger for any iPod or other Device that Charges Via USB by splicing together a car adapter that outputs 5v and USB Female plug. Parts and Equipment list:- Motorola Car Charger for i205 i305 i315 i325 i530 i710 i720 i730 i733 i740 i830 i860 i870 cell phones. Step 4: Strip the USB cable so that all shielding is removed exposing only the 4 USB wires. Note: I have tested this only on an iPod Nano, but I would imagine that It would work for any iPod that charges via USB, or any device that charges over USB that uses a 5v source for charge. This is great and is what I made this weekend (On my own, before I saw this.) The differences were that the first time I did not connect the data lines in the USB cable.
This Belkin unit is great for this job as it puts out good voltage -- it did a great job of charging my Motorola cell phone. For the HTC Desire, simply fusing the data wires tells the device it's plugged into AC power, so it draws more current than the 512mA USB maximum. I took an old nintendo DS car charger, stripped it and soldered it to a stripped usb male type B which plugs into a 6 port USB Hub. It seemd to me that using 9V rechargables would be an option if they would deliver their power to the USB like the Wall Charger does.
Things I need to find out BEFORE I build the circuit: Does the Sansa View use 5V to charge or does it take more?
I have 5 wires blue, red, white, brown, orange, and on my outlet i have white and red but i tried almost every combination of wires but my ipod does nothing why is this ? Acutally, the battery pack is an old portable dvd player pack with an internal charging circuit. What i'm doing is building the one all solution circuit shown earlier inside the case of the battery in the extra space in the case. Making toy cars to kill time will be a good idea for a parent and the child in the house as well. Hi this is a way to make 12v led lights that can be used on any standard 2 pin 12 volt light for example your cars lights, inside your motorhome, boat or 12v home lights(like those for your desk or to light up your paintings or photos).. I had a question what is the purpose of the Diode since the LED are also diodes they wont let you hook them up backwards anyways.
The ArcticAir unit just leaves their bilge pump just dangling from the hose, but we wanted it to be more secure.
We took the unit out to the truck for a test run when it was well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit (mid to high 30s for Celsius people). However, air conditioning is trickier because the shaft of an electric motor doesn't always spin. Advantages: Very compact and portable, lightweight without the ice, no environmentally not-so-friendly chlorofluorocarbons, hydrogenated chlorofluorocarbons, or hydrofluorocarbons, very quiet, and operates off 12VDC, AKA a cigarette lighter. I was wondering about doing the same thing you are would it be better to blow into the heater core or is that just a theory cause id like to know i want to build a good one for my shop.
In the past these products have been pretty disappointing, fizzling out after just a short cleaning session and frequently needing recharging. Thankfully, technology has really stepped up since those bad old days and now it's well worth taking another look at these miniature wonders.

In this review we take a close look at the own-brand offering from the popular high street car accessory store Halfords. A 12v vac may seem old hat compared to the cordless models, but they still make a lot of sense. Cover the joints so they dont short out, then heat shrink the whole thing to keep the joint protected. First, you could make an extra wall charger by using the motorola wall adapter (Model:PSM4680A) since it also has a 5v output. As an intellectual exercise, this is fine, but an hour or so of my time has to be weighed up against such a small amount to pay! There is no guaranty that these data points do not try to swing away from a tristate and throw a 1 or a 0 at these ports.
We all know that the internal resistance of a lead acid battery is very low so if a hooked devide draws a surge, that could be enough to blow it off or if you are lucky at least the fuse. Just remember that the clutter that some of the comments cause makes the most useful ones invisible to the reader! If you use a 60 ohm resistor, chances are that the battery will need more than a week to charge instead of a few hours! I am not worried about them exploding or anything because when they are finished charging, the the green light comes on and then the voltage drops across the battery terminals. Then, do the same to the next pencil inserting from one hole in the rear side to the other side. Insert another smaller cap with the top side facing the front to resemble the steering wheel just below the opening. But if you want to have some activities with the children during weekends, the cardboard toy car will be easier to handle.
As I have previously mentioned around the site, my Dad owns an electric 1979 Ford Courier pickup, and is cool enough to let me drive it around. Some have used a compressor driven by the motor shaft anyway, while others have turned a compressor using a separate motor. The only disadvantage is that it the ice will melt after 30-60 minutes of operation, depending on the size of your cooler. It will blow cold air, but all the removed heat will be blown outside, and you won't have to replace ice and water. Other issues were the units' low suction power, clogged up paper filters and the tiny capacity to hold dust, fluff and other debris. But we also factor in the cleaning attachments supplied, whether wet usage is possible, how frequently the unit needs emptying during use, and whether the filter can be washed or needs replacing once choked.
Not having to include a battery pack, and charger, brings down the price and means gutsier motors can be used. Secondly, you can use the unused male end of the usb extension cable spliced together with the part that plugs (the part you clipped off) into the phone, and still use the charger as a phone charger as well, simply plug the male end back into the female USB end and presto, you still have a functioning car adapter for your phone. Just make sure that the width of the box selected is narrower than the length of the pencil that you are going to insert on the sides later on.
Use half of each of the pencils to hold it by gluing one side of it just in front of the driver?s seat and the other end with the small cap.
We absolutely love it, and wouldn't trade it for a Tesla Roadster, but one of the few problems with electric cars is heating and cooling.

It looks almost identical to ours, and we built this without ever seeing a picture of the inside! However, it was built for an EV, so we are only ever out for an hour or two maximum, and the ice lasts longer when it's not running. If it is frozen in a freezer, all of the heat energy that is removed (and then some) is dispersed from the coils on the back of the freezer. As soon as I finish modifying the heater core (soldering on elbows) I'll post pictures and maybe an instructable. This has filtered down from domestic machines to have a positive effect on a range of small portable vacuum cleaners, too.
It costs less than £30, but still manages to be 60-70% as powerful as the Sealey test winner. That's easier said than done, so you may have to experiment with a few different cables.
You can organize a car racing contest using these items and you?ll save money having fun without going out somewhere where you are obliged to spend.
Take note that children have short attention spans and will need new diversions every time you play with them. In a gas car, heat is provided by the 80% of the gas that is wasted as heat, and air conditioning is provided by a crankshaft-driven compressor system.
The basic concept is to use a boating bilge pump to circulate iced water through a heater core, then use 12V fans to blow air through that core, which cools the air and pulls out water through condensation. Since all of the heat is being dispersed back into the shop air, you won't cool anything. The second will be a gift for my father-in-law for his almost completely restored 1969 Nova. Some designers do base theirs on assumptions you see and that's the reason why there aren't many good products out there!
Go as simple or as grand as your materials will allow because whatever you can come up with will be surely appreciated.
Many EVs use hair dryer elements and fans for heat, and some, ours included, feature a powerful gasoline-burning heater. I mean thats not terrible for a car charger for your iPod and other USB chargeable devices.
They sell air conditioners built into ice chests for prices ranging from $475 for a basic model to $625 for a 24V, dual fan model.There is also an ArcticAir unit for $4750 with a full compressor unit. Some even have washable filters, so you won't have to buy a stock of replacement paper-like filters and then hunt around for them before your caravan holidays.
Plus its fun to DIY. Typically, your USB port provides 5v of power through a single wire in a 4 pin USB cable. I saw the ArcticAir display at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this summer, and our unit is more compact and puts out cooler air.

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