Knowing how to tie a bow is an essential skill for anyone who enjoys wrapping presents, decorating for parties, and the holidays. To make a large circular bow, you will need three things: wide ribbon, a thinner ribbon, and your scissors. Once you have your entire ribbon folded accordion style over itself, clip the sides of your ribbon.
Take some time to pull all the pieces of wire ribbon apart, puff them out to give them volume. Once you have folded your ribbon over itself, take the other half of your ribbon and put it underneath it.

To create your flower shape, you will only want one of your sides of ribbon to have a wire in it. Place it on the table and start folding over 5″ pieces on top of each other, accordion style. Open them up, space them out, and work with them until you are happy with your final shape.
Pull the wire out of one, and only one, of the sides. Do this by taking the wire in one hand, the ribbon in the other, and gently pulling. To tie a knot with this thin wire, all you have to do is wrap it around itself several times.

You can choose your own size, but I found this length works well for the width of ribbon I chose.
The knot you tied at the end of our wire should hold the ribbon in place so it will remain bunched and not fall out the other end.

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