After you’re done with dyeing it, and you’ve waited (for your hair to dry, or just a couple of days), straighten it with a flat iron before you style it. Today's segment of Making Art on Your iOS Deviceis a mixed bag of time-wasting cool effects and random, but useful art-making tools. Record MakersRecord Makers is a surrealistic game with cool visual results, created for the French independent music label's 10 year anniversary. Sketch Camera - Sketch HaridaSketch Camera is a real-time image processing camera application that converts images into grainy, hand-drawn looking images. Buro Destruct DesignerBuro Destruct Designer is a subtle toy for designers—simply shake your iDevice to create random visual creations. Glory MathGlory Math is an "interactive, generative" art application that allows users to touch and shake to create, randomly and continuously churning out evolving shapes, color noise, merging liquids, spastic color bars, and more. Forge of Neon 3DCreate your own Tron-esque neon virtual sculptures with Forge of Neon's 3D glow painting app.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. If there is a certain hairstyle you want, and it’s a hairstyle that someone (most likely a j-rocker) already has, print out or draw a picture of the hairstyle.
You need to know what it’s going to look like from ALL ANGLES, and you need to know what goes where.
Drape something around your neck, like a towel, or a plastic bag, and tie it off with something in the front. If any pictures that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights above any of them and do not agree with it being publicized here, please contact us and we will take away the offending material as soon as possible.

Below, 10 apps for creating anything from erratic hand-shaken digital effects to your very own DIY Andy Warhol prints.
Camera and Photo to Cartoon are just what they sound like—the first is a Ben Heine-esque take on replacing parts of a photo with hand-drawn elements; the latter converts photos into rotoscope-y looking "cartoons".
Little information is given on the app's site, but the results are pretty neat and the app is free, so download and start playing around. The options are limited, but the color combinations and possible compositions are beautifully mellow. The app includes a large spectrum of colors, 8 different brushes, 32 different symmetries and the ability to animate your strokes.
If you have extensions, make sure that however you’re going to put them in, that you’ve got what you need. If you want the exact same color of hair of the person who’s hair you used to base your style from, then try to get that or those colors. The image to the right (though not as impressive as some of the app's other sample images) was created "using an iPhone as a camera while someone waved an iPod touch with the App 'Light Painting' installed."For more tips and info, check out the website. Users can also use the front or back camera for live video manipulation, as demoed in the video below.
The Pittsburgh institution has launched an app that allows users to create their own personalized "digital screen print", Andy Warhol style. If you’re going to cut your hair, make sure that you have good scissors, hair buzzers, whatever. If you’re layering your hair, make sure that you separate parts of your hair, and make them different lengths.

Use your phone's built-in camera or upload a photo from your library and put the image through the Warhol process in just a few steps: crop, expose, underpaint, print. Use the comb, so that when you go to cut, you brush whatever part of hair you’re cutting (using the comb) right down to the spot you want it cut, and steadying it with your hand, you should cut it there.
In celebration of the new app, users can currently submit their photos to the museum for a chance to have their own personal Warhol portrait displayed. Do this with ANY part of your hair that you wish to cut, if you want the strands to evenly go together.
Be sure to make it stand straight up by making the strands into spikes, and hair spraying them to make them stay in place.
Make sure you have them the right length that you want them, and if you want to dye your extensions, dye them the same time (or beforehand) that you dye the rest of your hair. If you have trouble getting your hair to stand up, using the comb, you can use a technique called ratting. Pull the strand outwards that you’d like to spike, and using the comb at the bottom, brush up and down in quick strokes, making the hair messy and more voluminous.
Repeat this a few times until you get your hair as messy as desired (this adds a better base to make the hair stand up). When you’ve finished ratting the strand, spike the end with either some hair glue or hair wax, and hold the hair up straight and high, and spray it with hairspray to keep it in place.

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