Since we are using Facebook in our day to day life and it's becoming so popular these days. Let me explain you today how you can create Facebook Desktop Icon and make a Facebook Shortcut with simple step by step print screen. Finally your Facebook desktop icon created with few simple steps, share this tutorial on making shortcut for your Facebook with other friends.
Mac OS X: Users coming from Windows PCs are accustomed to desktop shortcuts, but it's not something that's seen often on a Mac. Adding a Chrome shortcut to the Windows 8.1 desktop enables you to bypass the Start screen and launch Chrome directly from the desktop.
Everyone has a favorite web page that they navigate to as soon as they open their web browser. All you need to get started is a USB flash drive 8GB or larger in size and a PC with the Chrome web browser installed that you can use to create a bootable recovery image you’ll be at the Chromium OS desktop.
Instead of opening Google Docs directly in your browser, you can click on a shortcut on your taskbar or desktop and open the app that way. You can add bookmarks, favicons to the toolbar, or just type the Web address to get to your favorite Web site.
Here’s how to create a profile shortcut which will allow you to launch Chrome using the profile of your choice.
This is nothing new, but for recap, here’s how to create you have set Chrome as your default browser.

2)The next method is to browse and select that particular software, of whom you would like a shortcut. If you want to access frequently used folders, files and apps on a Windows PC, creating a desktop shortcut can be a huge timer.
While I’m using Plex in my example, these steps can be used to add a Dock icon for just about any website. Not content with phone and web-based platforms, WhatsApp has launched a new desktop version of its popular messaging service. WhatsApp is finally trying to catch up with its rivals like Viber, Telegram, and Line that have offered native desktop apps for quite a while now. Website bookmarks are great to have, but what’s even better are desktop shortcuts right on the desktop.
Earlier, this icon initiated a voice call, but now it will let you choose between a voice call and a video call. Though Apple hasn to music on the computer by downloading actual files to your hard drive. I have already teach you about Facebook Shortcuts and gave you lots of user friendly Facebook Tips & Tricks. Google Chrome makes use of various command line switches which allow you to perform different tasks related to it. Whether it's Facebook, Tumblr or your most beloved tech site (this one) we all have that one page that we consider more important than the rest.

Fact is, you can make a shortcut for just about anything in OS X with just a couple of mouse clicks. Click the Add new user… button in that section and a pop-up window will appear with a bunch of user icons. You can select that software by going to the Start Button and select any software that you like under it. The Facebook-owned app announced it is rolling out its desktop platform for Mac and Windows, so users need never miss a message again.
It was barbaric.) If your device doesn’t have internet access, your collection becomes inaccessible. If you tick it on then after that particular software gets installed in your machine, you get a shortcut on the desktop, of that particular software.
When you move your mouse over that software, you will just have to right click and choose create shortcut option.

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