Drop down list is a tool that can help you to force users into selecting a specific value from a predefined set of values.
This approach is better because it validates each input from user against a predefined set of values and hence users can only input valid and excepted values. First of all open your excel sheet and select the cell on which you wish to create a drop down.
Next, navigate to ‘Data’ tab in the Excel Ribbon and then click the ‘Data Validation’ button.
As you have already seen that you can enter the values of a dropdown directly in the ‘Source’ textbox. You can enter the values that you want to see in your dropdown as a table and then use the range of this table in ‘Source’ column. First with an Excel sheet opened, enter the values that you are planning to populate in your dropdown in a table. Cosmetic Tip: If you are using a drop down with a table of values as source, then try to have this table on a separate sheet which you can hide later. Bonus Tip: Instead of directly entering the source range in ‘source’ textbox you can also name your range and then use the same in ‘source’ textbox. Dashboard reporting with excel This e-book teaches you how to create your own Excel dashboard reports, starting from scratch.
The second drop down list contains unique distinct values from column B, based on chosen value in the first drop down list.
A dependent drop down list changes it?s values automatically depending on selected values in previous drop down lists on the same row.
Now depending on the selected value in the first drop down list, the second and third drop down lists change their values automatically. In the picture above, the first drop down list has the value "Europe" selected, the second "France and in the third you can choose between "Lyon" or "Paris". You can see how the columns are related to each other if you examine the table above. You can send workbooks containing dependent drop down lists to  friends, colleagues etc, as long as they can open macro-enabled workbooks. You can change the number of drop down lines, 3d effects and link each drop down list to a single cell.
If I construct a UI using the AddIn, then will anyone be able to use those on their own computers without adding the AddIn themselves?
I just came across your site as I was looking to do this very thing, (with a slight twist).
I tried to use this formula, but the unique values some how are giving duplicate values for me. Would there be any changes in the formula if Product in the first column and Order#ID in the second column?
Instead of copying cell A2 & B2 all the way down in Sheet2, is there a generic way of doing that?

I am trying to filter values in a drop down menu based on the values entered in the previous drop down menu. I have put a validation on some other sheets so that according to the project types the projects are coming and the user can select his particular choice. I currently am using a Mac with Excel 2008 and can't seem to locate the "Formulas tab" and "Name Manager" to create a dynamic named range like you did. The simplest way to create a drop down list in Excel using data validation is to type in the values. Another common use of the data validation feature is to create a drop down list using values from a range of cells. While creating a drop down list using a range of cells will often suffice, in other cases, you may want to create a list using the OFFSET formula. Now to use this named range to create a drop down, we simply specify the list as =MY_LIST and Excel will automatically pick up the cells referred to by the list.
Is there any other option so that i can add empty item as the first item in the list using First technique. If you a cell that already contains one of the options from the drop down then this value will be hilighted when you click on the menu. Similarly you can lay out +2, +1, 0, -1, -2 style lists with a blank cell either above or below the zero so that you scroll up for +ve value selections and down for -ve values.
If you have a long list then you can help reduce scrolling by adding a kind of basic search function. Drop down list is made in Excel Cell to limit the Entry in to a Cell from a predefined set of values.
Conditional Formatting based on Condition in other Cell In previous post we saw the normal conditional Formatting. Excel Macro Tutorial : How to add different types of controls like Text Box, Radio button, button etc. A drop down list enables you to choose a value from a list, instead of typing it.Here is an example of a drop down list that was created in cell B3. This is fine if you are planning to create only small list boxes, but you have a large list of values that you want to populate in your drop down list then there is a better method. This makes your dropdowns look more natural and no one can meddle with your dropdown values.
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The second drop down list contains values from "Country" column and the third from City column.

Of course, it is possible to filter and sort values using vba but working with large data sets, a pivot table rules when it comes to speed! It fills a vital missing gap in Excel's functionality, because the drop-downs feed data into the underlying cells that they float over. The drop down list created using data validation allows the user to pick and choose a single value from the entire list and thus prevents entry of invalid values. Once you have the data validation option box open, simply type in the values as shown in the image above. In most of these these cases the area under the range remains constant although it can be offset up or down and to the right or left. Even though the source contains blank, cell displays only the values and not able to blank which i’m trying to add as first element.
If you’re using cells as a reference for the options in the drop down then put a blank row at the top of the range. This can be achieved by putting the references into alphabetical order and adding grouping cells to for eg.
Click inside the "Source" text field, and write =the name you gave to the list (in our example: =cities). And in the ‘Source’ textbox enter the values that you wish to have in your dropdown, these values should be separated by a comma (,).
It can only be deleted after selecting the dropdown, click ‘Data Validation’ option and in the ‘Data Validation’ window press “Clear All” button. The drop down list can be created by typing in a set of values, using a range of cells or by writing a formula in the data validation option box. If you were to add it to the bottom then the drop down will start with this hilighted and require you to scroll up. On creating a drop down list on a cell or cell-range, one drop-down will be displayed with set of predefined values, on selecting that cell and user can select one value out of that. It is recommended to have it sorted alphabetically in ascending order, for this is the order in which they will appear in the drop down list. If you look at the syntax of the formula, we simply took cell C1 and expanded it down 5 rows all the way upto cell C5.
When entering data type c into the cell, then click the drop down and it will start at c without the need to scroll down.
The resulting range, spanning cells C1:C5, is then used by Excel to generate a drop-down list.

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