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I’m super-stoked about it because I have a ton of mosaic craft projects in mind, and now that I know how to make the tiles myself, I can get working on them!
At first, I tried just cutting through the dvd, but it ended up cracking because it was too thick.
The shiny, reflective stuff inside the dvd is like thin, metallic paper, and when I separated the layers of plastic, some of the shiny stuff would stick to the top layer, and some to the bottom.

I couldn’t get the shiny stuff to stay on just ONE of the layers, and I was getting a little frustrated. When I tried to separate a disc that was quite hot from sitting in the sun, that shiny, reflective paper DID stick to just one layer of the plastic, and the disc came apart quite easily. And the easiest way to do that, without melting it, is with a hairdryer set on the hottest setting! IMPORTANT:  You want the shiny, colourful stuff to stick to the clear, BACK layer of the disk so the colour is UNDERNEATH a layer of plastic. I cut with fairly small, irregular tiles because of the mosaic project that I have in mind, but you can make yours larger, or more uniform in shape and size if you want.
Now, go and dig out those old DVDs that you haven’t watched in years, and make some mosaic tiles of your own!
I wonder if the CD is less colourful because it is just sound, whereas the DVD is a coloured movie? Now, with your help, since the piece are not that random anymore, I can make another version of it! Complications arise when she meets sexy Leon, and to help her decide who to plump for, the women of her grandmother's quilting circle tell stories of their own lives and loves.

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, then please return the item to us for a refund. It will make your life much easier.  I still use the starter kit from Memorex that I picked up years ago. Click here to see a past post of mine on how to capture what is on your screen using a Mac or PC.
I CAN’T WAIT to see how you import VHS, I have a ton that I’m trying to digitize! Once you have the 2 layers of your cd separated, you can use your scissors to cut your dvd up into small pieces.
Photoshop Elements is inexpensive and great for basic photo editing and graphic work without spending all the money on the full Photoshop package.

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