It’s hard to keep track of how many times Youtube and other sites are blocked in Pakistan. While we support the notion that Google or YouTube administration should block the said videos and make them disable for people in this region, it is still harsh the majority of people in Pakistan who need YouTube for academic or other general and important purpose are deprived of the use of other videos.
There are loads of plugins or add-ons available for free for popular browsers like Firefox which you can install to switch proxies as you open different websites. Hope this article has helped you to open, access and unblock your favorite websites including Youtube in Pakistan. YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing network with presence in over 88 countries with 76 languages. YouTube is banned in Pakistan for almost two years now and if you want to access it than read my article on how to unblock YouTube in Pakistan without proxy or any Software. You can buy Domain from any local domain provider or from Godaddy and for web hosting I would recommend you only Hostgator.
Mohsin, these script need a lot of work and financial resources to build a successful website. I have a script that automatically embeds and play youtube videos anywhere in the world without proxy. As you know many website are blocked in Pakistan like YouTube and this makes a big problem for Money makers who want to learn from YouTube and other site. I have upload the browser’s setup in my website you can easily Download it from here and run in your pc and access all blocked websites.

If you are not satisfied with your web browser because your privacy is not protected while accessing websites, then Web Freer is what you need. As you know many website are blocked in Pakistan like YouTube and this makes abig problem for Money makers who want to learn from YouTube and other site. On December 12, 2013 · 1 Comment In my last post i have posted a beautiful social media widget for blogger. YouTube is also a source of information and many online courses are hosted on YouTube free of cost.
Here we go ,we have installed the software now Follow the following steps to connect to the internet anonymously. As per its largest resource of online videos data repository once can not deny its importance as per its usage and realistic need for working professional and students some may not survive without availability of its service, even thought few people think of this act as unethical as government banned and people should follow Govt’s act and do not access the blocked video site, but in extreme we have to use it. This method can also be used to Unblock Access of any Blocked website whether you are in office, college, school or university, although it affects speed sometime. So this is the method which works for me on both PTCL and Wi-tribe so lets see that if it works for you or not. They are little bit expensive but since your website going to be a very heavy site so it’s necessary that you buy a good hosting service.
After setting up domain and hosting all you need to do is to download the script from ClipBucket official website after entering your email address and install it on your server. The only down side is that this theme is not free and you can only buy it on $97 from InkThemes official website.

This application will provide you with a connection to a secure server, which will let you access any website you want in a secure manner, as your connections will be encrypted for all the the browsing you do. I havegood news for you, I introduced a web browser like Mozilla, Firefox, Google chromeand internet explorer, I have upload the browser’s setup in my website you can easilyDownload it from here and run in your pc and access all blocked websites. That’s why people who were getting free knowledge are not able to learn anything now.
There are few affective methods to access YouTube in Pakistan and unblock YouTube to watch any video without any hassle by following simple steps described above. YouTube was blocked in Pakistan three and a half years back and now it is reopening in Pakistan.The users all across Pakistan will be able to access the website within 24 hours. In Pakistan people are just crazy about politics, cricket, entertainment news and technology  news so if you are able to setup a website with all these information than you can generate handsome amount of money. There is rating for each and every plugin, you can decide whichever factor you want to decide on. This development came after when the PTA told the Supreme Court that objectionable content can be removed with the localized version of the YouTube. Even after Blocking YouTube, they are not ready to remove that material  that’s why about 5,6 months have passed but the site is still blocked in Pakistan.

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