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It works simple and all you need to do is to push down the cartridge plunger – so that the coloured compound enters the mould and makes the surround for the case. You can own a Make your Case set along with the add-ons included for a cost of ?24.99 from autumn 2014.
As I mentioned in passing last week during my quick week-off updates, I made a bean bag from some old bedding. We wanted a fairly sizeable beanbag for the animals to sit on in front of the stove in the office. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places but my my, big beanbags with liners are expensive! Rather than faffing around with segments or side panels, I decided the easiest way to make it was to essentially just make a big square cushion, using the dimensions of the duvet cover to minimise cutting.
I sewed up the three open sides, except for a 15cm gap at one corner for filling – as you would do with a basic cushion.
I made a funnel from an old carrier bag – snipped a hole about 6cm in diameter in the bottom corner and pinned it into the filling hole of the liner bag.
My original plan had been to make another cushion cover effort, using a zip to take it on and off. At this point I was blood-sugar crashing a bit so forgot to take pictures, so again I’ll have to rely on a little diagram (below).
Basically, I shooed the dog away then folded the remaining side of the duvet into a square as above but rather than cutting off the waste this time, I used one side of it for the flap and trimmed down the other side to make a heavy hem.
Thankfully, given my blood-sugar had completely crashed by that point, it was finished – I slipped the liner into the cover, jiggled it about a bit then Carla tried it out for size.

I was so inspired I rumaged in the depths of the cupboard in the back room (and got back out alive) and have made something similar for my assortment of cats!
Sounds great – and the spare cover idea sounds like an especially good idea if your felines shed anything like ours! As a business mentor I often get asked my opinion on the validity of a particular decision.
Because rarely, if ever, is the question supported by a rationale containing enough information for me to assist with the decision. What are the alternatives? List all the other options the business could consider, including doing nothing. Return on investment – what do you expect to see in terms of financial return, over what time period?
This entry was posted in All, Business Planning, Top Tips and tagged business, Business advice, Business blogs, business case, business mentor, business planning tools. And here, seems like there are more exciting and fancy items to attract people of all ages. And ofcourse, the rear plates can be made appealing and you can put the artist in you at this work!
We wanted one that could be a flat mattress (since that would suit the dog best) but also be pulled up on its side to be a taller seat for us when we needed extra seating.
I grow, I craft, I cook and I make the most of what I've got instead of forever craving more. And in equally as many cases, after a lot of time, money and emotional energy invested, it turns out the decision to proceed wasn’t the best decision.
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On one website, which was recommended by a friend, it was looking like I’d have to pay about ?80 for a beanbag to match my wants – ?80!
A fair amount of time is wasted and focus away from the big picture costs the business in growth opportunity.
I’ve learned the hard way the value of time spent upfront assessing the value of the idea. This is the bit I see skipped most often when business owners rush into new ideas… it has a high cost of time and money they were not prepared for.
It also comes with designer papers, a cross-stitching set and many more to be added on later. I then kept going and made bed’s with spare covers for my dog friends or my friends dogs.
When I hired my first General Manager, Angela Meads, she forced me to run all my ideas through her business case health check. The following steps have helped me to make better decisions, maybe next time you have a great idea, they could help you.

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