Creating eye-catching, informative visual representations of data is very simple yet so many excel users do not know how to create such graphs and charts. Once you are able to make a graph in excel, the next stage is to format the graph to meet your specific requirements. The best graphs and charts give a clear indication of the data they represent but in a captivating, aesthetically pleasing manner. Excel is a great program to use for making and editing spreadsheets, but it can also be used to quickly produce some professional graphs. Pressing the F11 key on a Macintosh will minimize all applications, displaying the desktop.
Step 4 - Viewing the Charts Gallery - There are things that you probably wish to change about the chart.
Step 5 - Using the Formatting Palette - Several areas on the palette can be used to make changes.
After fill the data , We have to create a chart object in C# and configure the Chart object with necessary data like positions , size , data range , chart type etc..
Step 2 - Creating the chart - Note: this chart will be created without using the Chart Wizard.
Step 3 - Viewing the Chart Tab - There are things that you probably wish to change about the chart. Step 4 - Changing the chart type - Click on the change Chart Type button on the left to see all of the available chart types. Step 5 - Changing Chart Layout - One of the changes you probably wanted to make was to add a title to the chart that the F11 key made.

This article will go through step by step on how to make a graph in excel and some simply formatting options.
A very simple example of a data series can be seen below, where each person in question has an allocated score. Excel graphs aren’t extremely detailed, but they are a solid way to add easy-to-read data to any presentation or report.
Your choice largely depends on what you’ll be using the graph for and what kind of information you have. Pressing the F11 key can be used to create a quick graph, but you must first reassign the function assigned to that key.
When data has been entered and your cursor is immediately below the entered date, press the F11 key on the top row of your keyboard.
Fourth, As you collect data, fill in the body of your chart with the appropriate information. Finally, add a title to the bottom and a color key to show what each color means.Some computer spreadsheet applications know how to make a graph and will automatically graph information you put into them. Once the graph type has been selected Excel automatically processes the data into a visual representation.
Once this option is selected the range of modifications to the chart are numerous, including adding axis titles, error bars, legends etc. Near the bottom right portion of that area you will see a small button which will allow you to see all available layouts. Near the bottom right portion of that area you will see a small button which will allow you to see all available styles.

Make sure to check and double check that you're filling in the correct blanks for the corresponding information. Two types of graphs that are often used in science fair projects are bar graphs and line graphs.
You can change the colors using the options at the top, name each axis, and move or change the legend, which is located at the bottom.
The list of available types does not disappear until you close the dialog box by clicking on the OK button or the Cancel button.
If not it's best to use a computer generated image for charts and graphs because it looks neater and more presentable.Place your charts and graphs in page protectors. Now you can add them to your report note book, display or photo journal.We hope we've made how to make a graph and chart a little simpler. Just fill it in as you get your data for the project.This is called a working chart, and, if you decide to use one of these, you'll have to remake it (neater and more colorful) if you want to use it for display. This helps you focus on your goal and will help keep your information organized if you use more than one chart. Now, begin four lines up from the bottom left corner and list these numbers going up toward the the top left corner.

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