The chat box is a great resource for you as a webinar host, and is one of the best ways to encourage participation right from the getgo. You can have your attendees introduce themselves by typing their name and where they’re from, along with any other information that might be relevant –  like what they hope to learn from the webinar, or even perhaps a current challenge they’re facing in regards to your webinar topic.
There are all sorts of ways to ask questions throughout your webinar to keep things interactive. Finally, in some situations it’s also acceptable to ask direct questions to specific participants during the webinar. You also may want to pick on those participants who are fairly active in the chat, as they’ll probably be most comfortable with this. Randomly asking questions can keep participants on their toes, in the same way that you had to stay alert in class when you knew the teacher might randomly call on you.
Some critiques can be done completely on the spot… others might be arranged before-hand.
You should have a section towards the end of the webinar dedicated specifically to answering questions – but it can also be good to answer a few questions throughout. This lets attendees know that it is indeed a live presentation, and that you care enough to take the time to help work through their roadblocks. Presentation ReactionsWhen a speaker tries to say a joke and the joke… somehow doesn’t work…How the top rated speaker of an event ends his session.
By the end of the one-hour webinar, you’ll know how to make an excellent body butter for reducing pain, and an inhaler for tension headaches.
We even have a few bonuses for those of you who register and join us “live” on the webinar! Aromahead Institute has online students from all over the world, and I wish I could schedule all of our live events to accommodate every time zone.
This time around, the webinar is going to be the wee hours of the morning for those of you in Europe. Aromahead Institute, owned by Andrea Butje, is a premier resource for online aromatherapy classes. I live in Australia and am unavailable to listen live to the webinar, is their any other way of catching this. I am going to do my best to record it and it should go well, but this is my first time using this system so I am not 100% sure.

I would love to listen to this, but I have a massage client and can’t, can I download this and listen at a time thats good for me? Previous post: A Huge Surprise at the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference!
Right now, in the era of booming online businesses, Webinars have become the standards of new marketing culture. In other words, allowing your attendees to do more than just listen and watch – and actually play a part in the webinar. For example, on a webinar about email marketing you might ask, “How many of you are tracking the open rates of your emails? Using the example above you might ask, “What percentage of people do you think are viewing your email for the first time on a mobile device? Just make sure you notify participants of this possibility at the beginning of the webinar, so they don’t feel awkward and singled out. You can ask your registrants to submit X, for example, if they want to be critiqued live on the webinar. You can encourage people to add questions whenever they have them, and let people know that you’ll either answer them on the spot, or get to as many as you can at the end of the call. I’m going to put a couple new slides into my presentation to remind me to get interactive.
Check with our support team they may be able to show you a way to set up your PowerPoint that will keep this from happening.
Don’t know if you have been following the complete madness that our seminar on that same topic brought at Software University , but the fact that more than 200 people came and around 4K watched the interview that we did for SoftUni looks like we know what we are doing and that the seminar was a great success. The platform requires you to be a subscriber though + don’t forget, it’s in Bulgarian! They are generously offering one free digital issue for everyone who stays on the webinar for the whole hour. The webinar is a fun way to get a free issue of  their magazine and learn to make and sell 2 great aromatherapy products!
I’ll vary the start times of future webinars, to make sure everyone gets a chance to attend at a convenient time. Andrea offers her inspired approach to online aromatherapy certification through essential oil videos and original education materials.

The time depends where you are in Australia-but 8 pm est in the USA on Oct 17th is 10 am Oct 18th in Sydney. Go ahead and register for the webinar and if you can’t be there live you will get my email the next day with the replay link. I may offer it again live at a decent hour for Europe- stay tuned, will let you know in a few days. That’s the only way to ensure they stay focused, listen to your message, and hopefully take action. I’m still trying to figure out how I can use the chat feature while I have a slide presentation going on-it keeps kicking me out of the slides when I switch to chat.
We are extremely sorry that we are not going to be able to deliver a ton of value то you today and please be sure that we are already in discussions around rescheduling the event.
Once you click the link you will be directed to a very simple download of GoToWebinar and then you will be logged into the webinar. It is considered as next big thing in internet marketing as it offers real time connectivity and interaction between the presenter and the audience. Either way, Q&A is a great way to help people arrive at a decision, and hopefully take action. If you make yourself ready to absorb new knowledge, take a moment out of your comfort zone and make yourselves ready to action, you can definitely succeed at webinars.
But, with the correct mindset and proper usage of the tools available, you can really make your business succeed and completely transform the marketing structure of your business, for good.I have created this course to help you succeed with webinar marketing. I have covered almost everything on creating webinar packages, marketing webinars the proper ways and perfect methods to do follow ups after the webinars.
So this is a NO RISK option for you try out this course and grab success with webinar marketing.

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