I managed to score an exclusive sneak preview of the current beta of Google Chrome for Mac. The tech giant was awfully mum on when to expect Mac and Linux versions of Chrome; admitting that the lack of a Mac version was "embarrassing," Google co-founder Sergey Brin said it could be "months" before one is released. My source warned me it was a work-in-progress and that there are still some bugs to be worked out.
Bad news for developers, who will have to spend long hours making their sites look decent in yet another browser.

Well, no word yet on the Linux version, but a top-secret source tells me things aren't going so well over in the Mac division at Google HQ. Design-wise, Google Chrome for Mac is going in a completely new direction from Google Chrome for Windows.
Some of the killer features of the Windows version of Chrome, such as the "omnibar" and the new tab page, had to be ditched entirely because they were just "too hard" to implement on the Mac platform.
All I've got to say is, Google is definitely "thinking different" when it comes to the modern browser.

Despite these setbacks, Google's Mac engineers are determined to make Google Chrome the best it can be and are diligently working around the clock to bring the cloud computing operating system of the future to the Macintosh.

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