Now, you’ll have to format these pages to your liking and to work with your printer, but they are a good start.
Additionally, Office Max, Office Depot, Kinkos and a few other copy shops have comb binders that they will allow you to use for no charge. When I filled the first book, I then opted to use a small scrapbook album (the one pictured above) for my next quilt journal.
When I filled all of the pages of the scrapbook, I was going to buy another scrapbook but then got a better idea.
I know I may sound boorish, and I really do love the look of this (it’s beautiful), but what is the point? Are blogs, internet, e-mail, TV, lengthy cooking, phone calls, texting a use of your valuable time? Oops, I just wasted time replying to your comment… we both lost 30 valuable seconds… ahh! If it means you are a happier more whole person I think doing whatever you love is a valuable use of time. My kids bought me an old story book off of Amazon for Christmas because if was the only way they could find my favorite childhood story.
I go through every blank page in my art journal when it is brand new and pristine and fresh – and put SOMETHING on ALL of the pages.
These simple leather journals or sketchbooks would make great holiday gifts for the writers, doodlers, list-makers, or note-takers in your life. This easy-to-follow tutorial comes from Katie Startzman of Duo Fiberworks (the same creative lady that brought us the rainbow-wrapped wreath idea).
If you don't want to use leather, Katie suggests felt or any other sturdy, flexible material.

Capree Kimball is a design nerd and a dog-loving optimist with a penchant for collecting tin robots and gobbling up gravy-smothered biscuits. I create my own pages on Excel and print them up and bind them using a comb binding system.
You could print up a year’s worth of pages and punch them all without having to invest in the binding system. You want something firm enough to write with, but not so bulky that it takes up a lot of space. I love it, i have always loved crafts and collecting journals, but i love making them even more!
Not only is it a wonderful way to keep a record of every quilt I have made, but it is a fun way to see how far I have come as a quilter! One had the spot for the photos on the top and the other had the spot for the photo on the bottom. I promise, you will not regret it!  It is nice to be able to look back over your creations, and others will enjoy looking through them too.
I have never journaled about my sewing and quilt projects but I think you have inspired me to do it. I have wanted to get back into art journaling, and this has provided some great motivation! I think it would work so much better for me than trying to go chronological, or just random. I love art journals, and especially the concept of using an old book, it’s a neat way to recycle and make art at the same time.
Once you know how to use your machine, though, you’ll be able to do it without thinking.

I usually just use the binder covers you can buy from the office supply stores for the front and back and then sacrifice the back of a legal pad for stiffness.
This book had spots for you to mount your pictures and there was a ruled area where you could write the name of the quilt, the date you made it, and whatever other information you want to include. I did this so that the extra bulk the photos will add will be distributed a little more evenly throughout the book.  On each journal page, I made a spot to write the pattern name and designer, who the quilt was made for, the date the quilt was made, the size of the quilt, and then several blank lines for any other information you want to add. This may seem like a waste of time to many but the process of creating something completely original and completely my own is extremely valuable to me. Each week I post journal prompts on my blog and I’d love to share this link with my readers too! I make them and fill in the pages with collages, favorite quotes, drawing, diaries and paintings etc. This creative outlet I believe makes me a happier person, more patient with my children and fosters that small creative flame that so often gets ignored because I need to clean the house, make lunches do the laundry, play leggos, wash hands and faces etc. I will just leave the stories i like and remember from my childhood intact and alter the rest of the book. The gift my children gave me for Christmas will someday be a gift for them from me that they will not be able to replace.

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