This guide is not intended to actually tell you which host you should buy from, or advertise any hosting company. The purpose of this guide is to help you make an informed decision when deciding on which hosting company to buy from. This particular segment is formulated around the company, and not what services are provided.
It’s important to determine what you will require, and know how much a server might cost you.
Many hosts offer their servers based on the quantity of RAM allotted to the server, this is actually the fundamental measure for the capacity of a Minecraft server.
On an average server, 1GB of RAM can usually hold about 24 players, as-well as some plugins.
Finding a host is the first step to finding the right host, but just because you have found one doesn’t mean it is the right one for you, nor does it mean that the host you have found is even legitimate. While looking for a host here, you should look for companies that appear professional, they should use proper grammar and spelling. Another place on Minecraft Forums to find a hosting company is the Hosting requests forum, here you can make a thread where you can tell hosts what you need, and instead of you finding the host, the host finds you. Reputation is mainly based on what people think of a company, it can also include the size and age of the company. If the company has a Minecraft Forums topic, read the replies, find out what customers have to say, but be careful, as the replies may not all be from real people. The aim of this section is for you to find out the quality of the services the host provides, and if their prices are worth it. This is actually one of the main reasons I decided to write this guide, I can’t stress this enough!
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The goal of this section is to assist you to find a reputable and well established company. Needless to say, each host has various grade, and I’m hoping to assist you to recognize how much a host really should be charging you later in this guide. While it is rare that you’re going to pay for a server and not receive one, it happens, you need to be wary and research a company before you buy from them.
The Minecraft Server Hosting forum and the Other hosts are great places to find a hosting company since many hosts post threads filled with information about themselves. This shows that the company is willing to put effort in, and is likely run by mature staff.
I’d highly recommend you disregard any posts of users that have less than 10 posts, or still have the default Minecraft Forums avatar, and if you see a lot of these, disregard the entire company. Although some points in this guide may be based on opinion, I try not to just base it on my own opinion. Though RAM is the standard measure for the size of a server, avoid being misled by hosts charging you less, or maybe the same or more for that matter. The first step to determining how much RAM you need is deciding on the amount of players you expect to have online at a time. This means you can find out about their company, and see all the features they have to offer. At the end of the day, you don’t want to buy hosting off a clueless 13 year old trying to make a quick buck, trust me.
Usually it is here that you’ll find out when the company was launched, meaning you now know the age of the company. Every aspect of the server counts, the CPU, the data storage device (HDD, SSD etc), the network speed and even the location matters! (Who wants a server hosted in the middle of Antarctica?)Now, I’m not saying that cheaper means the quality is worse, in some cases it can be better, but you have to be sure.

However, then you may want to have 30 plugins and an extra world, that is when you may want to increase the RAM by a further 512MB.
Just because a company is older doesn’t always mean it can provide a better service, but it may mean the company may be around far longer than newer companies.
In the following topics of this section, I plan to educate you on how to find the quality of the server. If the host you’re looking at has a Facebook page, Twitter account, or use any other Social Media sites, find them. When you need to remember something from the past, this is from your sub-conscious memory (storage device) and then moved into your conscious memory (RAM). This usually gives a good indication on whether or not a host is actually active, and gives a somewhat indication if a host is reputable.It is best to avoid companies who are not at least 3 months old yet. Buying from an older host will mean there is a higher chance they will stand the test of time, you don’t want your host closing down halfway through a month when you have a server with them.
The more RAM you have, the more of these you can hold, but the thing is, the CPU has to be able to handle it. What I could compare it to is a blender, the size of the blender being RAM and the blade being the CPU. The smaller blade has to work extra hard to process everything inside the blender, and could even break or stop due to the work (crash). Now, if you had a smaller blender with the same small blade, it’s going to get through everything in the blender much quicker and be ready for the next lot of things to be blended, or in a server, ready for more data.

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