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The Minecraft How to make a bukkit hamachi server with plugins Blog was contributed by Matthewpopcorn. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how set up your own Minecraft server, with and without hamachi. PLEASE HELP MEI did everything maked the text file enabled the extensions runned the server.exe opened my MC wend to Multiplayer typed in localhost entered my server everything is good until my running server.exe says Cant keep up!
Do you have a green connection to them on Hamachi?Have you changed the server port?It is quite possible you clicked deny on your firewall when they tried to connect. Must i enable it so that my computer does not go into sleep mode after a while of unattending to it? If you are looking for game partners, just add your network to the list and everyone having this plugin installed will see it.

Reinstall Java and make sure you give permission when java wants to receive a connection from the internet. Includes: Making a server, using plugins, great plugins to have, stopping cheaters and griefers, and a noob's guide to permissions!These days I play Supreme Commander, which is probably the greatest RTS you've never heard of! Make sure you close all programs down and don't be doing anything else that will drain your resources. Flying, minecarts and teleporting greatly increase the amount of data you need to upload to people (because they move faster you have to upload more chunks). Good for a very basic server for you and a couple of trusted friends who won't grief.2 Make a Bukkit serverOnly slightly harder to setup and manage. If your text document doesn't end in .txt, do a Google search for 'enable file extensions'.
Good speeds.2 Use Hamachi to create a virtual LANUses software to make it seem like you are connected to other people you are playing with.

6 After you have run your server for the first time, it will create a '' file.
Save it and then restart your server.7 Give the network name and password to people who you want to play on your server.
If you have a blue 'relayed' connection with people on your server, they will experience a pretty large amount of lag. If you are getting out of memory errors moving to 64-bit will help.If you only have 32-bit java, the most memory you can allocate to java is 1GB.

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