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Over the past few years the use of recycled material has gained much popularity across the globe.
The important first step in know the size of the table how big you need and you want to make it. There are a lot of ideas on making dining tables by yourself to decorate your house and one of them is making a dining table out of a door. There are many benefits of using old material to create new things like it is an environmentally friendly process, it doesn’t involve much money like the cost of making a new thing from old furniture will not be much as compared to the costly brand new things available in the market.

If you have an old door which you are thinking to change in your home, do not throw it away, it can be really useful to create another furniture object in your house. The normal height of a dining table it 30 inches long so cut the legs of the table according to that size by taking the measurements.
If you wish to add glass over the wood table top, you can attach that by purchasing the leveled table glass and attaching it with the glass rubber which can be removable later on. Place the dining chairs and enjoy the food with your family on the dining table out of a door which you made by yourself. All you need to do is to be creative and assemble some pieces together to make a perfect dining table for you and your family.

You can attach the L shaped metal brackets and you can also use screwdrivers to attach the boards.
Now after completing the making process, you can give the finishing touch by sanding it and painting it so that it gives a smooth look.

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