A galore of festivities is just around the corner, and while you are already busy unpacking the decor items from the storage room, it’s time to focus on some DIY projects starting with a vivacious holiday wreath to cheer up your indoor and outdoor space. Bring some festive cheer to your space with this mesh wreath donning a tinsel witch hat adding the creepy Halloween feel at the right time and place. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, kick off with a striking wreath using deco mesh ribbon roll, embellished with cute ornaments for brightening up your entryway.
A soothing light blue mesh wreath with ribbons tied all around the wire frame for the perfect frontal door decoration. Adorable and enchanting at the same time, this ribbon wreath made out of mesh gets the brownie points for its unique way of exhibiting a child-like appeal.
Spread the festive aroma with a forever-fresh wreath combining mesh wreaths of two different colors.
While yellow, orange, and brown are the only hues glorifying the fall, decorating the indoors with a dazzling red mesh wreath will be an exhilarating crafting experience. Although Valentine is far away, let the magical effect of love prevail all through the holiday season with a fancy mesh wreath displaying the typical love symbols and some thought-provoking quotes. Crafting a variegated mesh wreath demands the use of differently colored poly mesh rolls arranged in a haphazard sequence, adding the right amount of charisma for styling the doors and walls. Here is a wreath shaped into a Christmas tree worked with a triangular-shaped frame and green deco mesh. Oozing glitter and tinsel, this baby pink mesh wreath is another fabulous craft activity your family members will enjoy doing it as a part of holiday decoration. Bursting with the autumn flavor this traditional wreath has undergone a complete transformation projecting a chic and modern look. Create a Halloween wonderland with a dashing mesh wreath blooming with pumpkins and maple leaves.
A hassle-free DIY project exemplified by this eye-pleasing wreath made from a delicate burlap mesh. While the temperature outside dips to the lowest during the month of Christmas, let your abode shine with glee and non-stop celebrations courtesy this evergreen mesh wreath glowing all night long.
For those finding it difficult to get rid of the fall and winter celebrations hangover, greet the summer in full swing with a flip-flop-inspired mesh wreath representing a colorful assortment of a fresh season.

Glittering with a festive throng of golden ribbons the beautiful Christmas writings not only cover the indoors with prettiness but adds a nostalgic touch reminding of the age-old tradition. Handmade festive accessories are an integral part of holiday projects.  Creating and decking the house with a wreath keeps up with the holiday decor traditions in addition to filling the to-DIY list with nifty craftworks. Hi Pamela…the college-themed mesh wreath would be apt if you are looking for something easy and simple. I love making tissue paper flowers, this is not a new idea but an old favorite always worth recycling. Find a small vase, select your favorites and make a bouquet for your kitchen table or guest bathroom.
Klutz makes several great books with templates and patterns for learning to make Tissue Paper Flowers. Legal stuffNorth Texas Kids is dedicated to bringing you the best in parenting resources in the North Texas area.
Canning recipes, ideas for glass jars, candle making tips, & fun DIY projects from Fillmore Container. A few weeks ago we attended a terrarium class at Inglenook, a local coworking space for home, garden, and other creative professionals. Staci Jasin of Insitu Design, the instructor for the terrarium class, is our guest blogger today and has provided us with a step-by-step on how to create your own terrarium. Like all gardening, remember to enjoy the process.  Let the terrarium building be easy and the caretaking of it be a simple pause in your week. Keeping in sync with the seasonal theme a wreath sets the right decorative tone giving off those homely and welcoming vibes. The dapper teddy bear with its cuddly charm will melt anyone’s heart visiting your home on the special festive days.
Celebrate this heart-warming moment with a ravishing pink mesh wreath hanging on the door radiating beauty and joy. Either a baby home arrival day or the first birthday bash, the choice is yours regarding the use of adornments for decking the wreath.
It’s just the same method of looping the mesh around the outer and inner rims of the wreath form and tying the ribbons.

If you are after something a little cheeky, then create this mesh wreath to leave your neighbors completely awestruck.
Why not make it a permanent door hanging decor to retain the mellowness of the joyful festival. The enchanting effect of this decorative accessory comes from the unique combination of artificial sunflowers and maple leaves circularly arranged. So the best replacement for those chunky orange gourds is a pumpkin mesh wreath that says Happy Fall to one and all.
The mesh wreath is an embodiment of all the aesthetic elements of the fall, not failing to leave a mesmerizing effect.
We used these one year to decorate for my daughter’s birthday and they were beautiful!
We brought along a couple of our favorite large containers and took the time to focus on creating a sweet little contained garden to observe, tend and love. A lid is nice because it keeps moisture in, as long as you remember to take it off when a lot of water forms on the glass.  You might even have a terrarium container around your house or find a vintage item in an antique stores – the options can be limitless!
The following tutorials shows you how to whip up an ideal wall and door decoration accent using good quality deco mesh that makes a unique alternative to the perishable floral arrangement. The only difference here is you have to jazz it up with decorative flags and floral picks and hang it on the door. You can also use wrapping paper, tissue paper, crepe paper or other light weight paper that is easy to crumple and shape.
Just do a test and pour water in the container to make sure it doesn’t leak.  Think about the shape, space, and imagine the height and width of plants inside the container you choose. I think I like making tissue paper flowers the best for their bright colors and fluffy petals but be creative and have fun.
Once you get started, you will find excuses to make more and more flowers, they are so bright and cheerful!

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