While PowerPoint still holds approximately 95% of the presentation software market, some people prefer using Prezi due to its unique “zoom feature”, that moves the audience back and forth between a high level overview and specific individual slides (as seen in the video example below). But, what if I told you that you can actually TWEAK PowerPoint to have a very similar type of feature?
Check out the following video that shows a similar type back and forth toggling that I created entirely in PowerPoint. In this post I’m going to show you how to “Prezify” your PowerPoint and create that fluid Prezi-like non-linear experience for your audience. The first thing you need to do to Prezify your PowerPoint is to create an overview slide that essentially gives a “birds eye” view of the different parts of your presentation.
You will want to make sure thatyou’re really CREATIVE when creating this first slide since this slide sets the overall theme for the presentation.
Next, working off you’re overview slide, you will then create the rest of your slides for your presentation. Once you have built out all the remaining slides in your deck it’s now time to link them all to your overview slide. Now, whenever we want to go back to the overview slide we can simply hit our icon in the bottom right corner and that will take us back (aka “zoom out”) to the overview slide and bring us back into context for the rest of the presentation.
Side Note – If your looking for step by step instructions on how to simply create your own custom icons make sure to check out my eBook Slides Made Simple. While not mandatory, it’s a nice touch when there is a smooth transition from your overview slide to your individual slides and vice versa.
Now that you have your overview slide and individual slides all hyperlinked together, with nice looking transitions, it’s time to run through your presentation and make sure that everything is flowing nicely.
One of the main drawbacks of Prezi is that you have to learn an entire new piece of software which takes a bit of getting used to depending on how tech savvy you are. By following the above steps you can easily Prezify your PowerPoint presentation and create that unique wow factor that you get from Prezi presentations. The main advantage is that this format gives you the flexibility to jump around depending on where the conversation in the room is shifting. After reading this article, do you think you will try my method of Prezifying your PowerPoint presentations in the future? Its really important to get your message straight first to achieve this kind of PowerPoint (or any presentation!). I was looking for an article that enables me to have a picture that is zoomed into during the powerpoint presentation. This is a great tutorial, and I’m going to share it on the Facebook page for my blog. Another reason to Prezify is that people’s capacity to remember sequential or systematic structures varies.
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Subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed on all of my latest presentation tips, articles, and resources! When you start creating a new presentation, many users just launch PowerPoint and start creating their slides. A very good way to make your presentation feel like a conversation is to keep the audience interested. At the beginning of your presentation, you need to encourage people to ask you the questions. If you are going to talk about some technical topic to a non-technical audience then it is best to keep it simple.
Do not ever think that if your voice is well modulated and smooth, that’s all matters in a presentation. To be professional, you don’t have to keep your voice regulated with the vocal rhythm. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. This way, you get to keep all the added benefits of PowerPoint and also gain the Prezi “WOW” factor at the same time. Each of these parts will be clickable and, as a result, will give your presentation a non-linear (i.e. All of the remaining slides in the presentation should maintain design elements from this slide.
For example, based on the above overview slide example, we will create a Core slide, Phase 1 slide, Phase 2 slide, and Results slide. By doing this we can essentially “zoom in” to whatever slide we choose from our overview slide.
Creating a non-linear choose-your-own-adventure type of presentation in PowerPoint also has some distinct advantages.
In traditional PowerPoint presentations this is not possible because you have to flow through the slides in sequential order. By formatting your PowerPoint presentation in a Prezi type of format you give your presentation that elegant look and feel that comes with Prezi presentations.
I love how it gives the presentation an organic feel, more like a website than a standard presentation. I agree, PowerPoint presentations do not have to be standard … They are what you want them to be! That what i like to most, plus adding some angular move gives you a more realistic transitions.
This was very helpful and I have one addition that I think might help… I’ve been zooming in on items for years in PowerPoint!
I find systematic easier and sequential harder to remember, but I know I have to adjust for most people. It is just a natural reaction since people are directed by needs, they look at you giving a presentation and then think. In order to engage the audience in your presentation, you can craft the speech as a story that you want to tell  people.

No doubt, the software makes it easier for people to remember the points you have elaborated in your speech.
Further on, all through the presentation presenter has to ask questions to the audience to ensure they understand the material.
If your listeners are more interested in the return on investment of a particular technology then don’t waste your precious time discussing about its inner workings as it does not match to the audience needs. Although, there is nothing wrong with a little over-gesturing since it shows your passion, but keep it to a medium level. Therefore, if you want to deliver an interesting presentation, then think outside the box and make it seem like a conversation for a positive response from the audience. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations.
In other words, the colors, fonts, and visuals should all have a consistent look based off this slide.
In order to do this, all you have to do is create any icon that you want and then “hyperlink” that icon to go back to the overview slide whenever that icon is clicked. To hyperlink back to the overview slide, “right click” the icon you just created and then choose the “Insert Hyperlink” option from the dropdown menu.
All you have to do is go to the individual slide you want to add a transition to and then click on the “Transitions” tab on the PowerPoint top toolbar.
It is due to poorly crafted and presented presentation.PowerPoint is being a most powerful and popular tool as it can give heartbeat to your presentation. If you are your own self, your presentation will be much more sincere and indeed the audience will love it. However, it is recommended to not run the slides that comprise of words you are saying aloud. For example, in the slide below the presenter can click on any of the categories listed on the slide (e.g. Next, click the “Place In This Document” tab to the left and then choose which slide your overview slide is located. In powerpoint, it is possible to make a picture show, but all pictures are fixed and they don’t move or zoom in, during the presentation. In our example below the overview slide is “Slide 3”, so we would click that slide and then hit the “OK” button.
There are several different options to choose from and each transition and can be further customized (to some degree) if necessary. On your Core slide, the first (behind) layer will have a graphic of the original (full tree) overview slide (so when you click the hyperlink to the Core slide, initially it will appear as though you hadn’t moved for a split second. Thus, it is the presenter only who can help audience stay awake and if not then there is no point in making a presentation. It’s important to note that you can add a transition to both your individual slides and overview slide.

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