Because it’s stronger and bigger, a metal ice cream scoop will work better than those plastic scoopers that pumpkin carving kits provide. If you use the nail hole method for carving your pumpkin, sprinkle a little flour over the holes to make them more visible!
Once you’ve got your pumpkin carved, you’ll probably want it to last a little while!
Filed Under: Contributors, Halloween, Holidays, Most Popular, Simple Solutions, Tutorials About the AuthorHey there! I have always wondered why perfumes are costlier than lipsticks..Its just alcohol mixed with fragrance oils! PERFUMED BODY LOTIONS & SHOWER GELSBefore applying your favorite perfume take a shower with its shower gel and apply its body lotion.
Does your current resume begin with a generic objective statement telling the reader what type of jobs you are looking for? Art Director Ryan Smith approached Photoshop wizard Mike Campau with an idea for his client, Interstate Batteries. One of the main things we are always concerned about is how much our smartphones will be able to survive while we are out of the house. In the best cases most manicures last from three days to one week, then the polish starts to chop off from the nails.
Make the nail polish dry faster – you can do this by either putting your hands in ice cold water or in the freezer (cold hardens polish), by using a hair dryer and use the low heat program or by applying very thin layers of polish each time and this will help you get out of the house sooner than you think without the fear of damaging anything. Thank you for sharing this valuable information for us here who don’t know to much about caring for our nails. No matter how you’re going to go about getting your tan on, exfoliating beforehand is a must! There are a lot of benefits to scrubbing your skin with a dry brush before getting into the shower. The reason for this is because if you are applying a lotion or getting a spray tan, that extra oil can lead to streaking and unwanted discoloration. Moisturizing 24 hours prior to tanning and directly after exfoliating using the process in rule #1 will do one thing – strengthen your skin. By doing this, you’re ensuring your skin is in perfect condition before you start applying color to it. Make sure you don’t apply any product during the 24 hours between moisturizing and tanning! First off, if your tan was from the sun or a tanning bed you are going to want to apply an after sun almost immediately.
And when it comes to cooling your skin down, there’s nothing better than some fresh Aloe Vera. If you just had a spray tan or applied a sunless tanning lotion then you MUST wait until after showering before you can apply a moisturizer.
If you just had a spray tan or applied a self tanning lotion, you must wait at least 12 hours. Sunless tanner is a product that gives you the look of being tan without having to bake out in the sun or in a tanning bed. I also think it should be noted that with sunless tanners you should not exfoliate AFTER you have achieved a good sunless tan…been there done that…tan goes bye-bye!
No you can definitely apply tanning lotion before tanning…in fact, I absolutely suggest that you should!

At first you say moisturizer 24 hours before tanning and right before tanning but then you say to not apply product in the 24 hours between moisturizing and tanning.
I know some of you might be carving pumpkins this weekend- we just did this today with our Girl Scout troop.
I thought I would put together a little list of tips you might try to help preserve your pumpkins. Brush Vinegar and Lemon Juice on the outside of pumpkin (add 2 tablespoons white vinegar and 1 teaspoon lemon juice to a quart of water).
Small packets of silica gel (that come with shoes and such) can be placed inside a carved pumpkin to help keep it dry and mold free. Keep out of direct sunlight and move to basement, garage or other cool area if it’s going to be very warm. Jill, Maybe spray with Bitter Apple (it’s a spray that they sell at pet stores to deter dogs from chewing)? I feel the need to point out that silica packets should not be placed where pets can reach them, they are poisonous! Follow these next few tried-and-true tips to keep your carved pumpkin looking good for an extra couple weeks!
I’m Kim, cleaning guru and writer of A Real-Life Housewife - a blog all about cleaning how-to’s, household tips and tricks, a little bit of crafting, and life with kids.
Living in the south, those pumpkins can go to mush in a hurry, will definitely be using these this year!
Our Pumpkins always start caving in on themselves before Halloween, so we will definitely be doing this!!
And let’s face it: considering most users addiction and the fact that smartphones are currently able to do everything, it can’t never last long enough. Screen brightness should not be full, at least not in regular light conditions, since it can cause smartphone strain.
I understand we sometimes like to see previews of the full texts in our lock screen, but this will drain our battery life eventually. Fitness trackers can be great to stay in shape, but they can be a disaster for our phone’s battery life. The bad thing is that this is happening exactly in the moment we have the least time to do our nails, we either have to rush out for work or meet someone.
Keep your nails shorter – by doing this your nails will be more protected from damage and every hit is supported by the finger. Use top coat – after applying polish to your nails or small jewels, stickers, top coat will always give a better protection and make the resistance of the nail stronger. Before manicure, stop sinking the nails in water – this doesn’t help the polish as your nails when they are in water they are widening and when they dry, they contract and the polish can be destroyed. Always seal the tips of the nails – with the help of the brush make sure you run over the tips so it will be harder for the polish to chop off. Have healthy nails – cracks or any bumps will make polish last less, make sure you take proper care of them. Apply nail polish in layers – if you let every layer to dry, it will build up more strongly over the nail and will make manicure to be stronger. File the nails in one direction – don’t go forward and backwards when you file as you can easily break the nail and create discomfort. Use gloves when cleaning – any household activity that involves using hands should be accompanied by the use of gloves, so water, dirt and greasy things will be kept away by gloves making your manicure last longer.

Our skin is constantly shedding so it’s important to clear out the older dead cells that shed faster, taking with them the color you just added to your skin. This means it will last a hell of a lot longer and at the same time will show color much more evenly. Remember you are essentially burning your skin so you’re going to want to cool things down right away. If you shower earlier than that, you run the risk of washing away the tanner before it is able to be fully absorbed into your skin. That way you will have all day to allow it to soak in properly before washing away the excess in the shower. If you have any questions about these techniques, please feel free to drop me a comment below and I’ll get right back to you! And if for some reason you’re not a fan of my writing skills(rude!), you can always ask for a refund, no questions asked.
Mostly because once you apply your sunless tanner you can’t really then slather yourself with SPF which you should always do before heading out into the sun…unless you want premature wrinkles! I know all this summer I tanned with baby oil and I was dark but I wasn’t as dark as I would like.
Now that I’m in my 30’s I have to stave off the wrinkles for as long as possible! So, if you carve your pumpkins a few weeks before Halloween, try these tips to make them last longer!
Like we checked out previously on how to make an Android device last longer, there’s also an answer for IPhone users. By going to Settings, General, Usage and then Battery Usage, we can check out which are the apps that are draining our battery life. In order to make our IPhone last longer, we can go to settings, then notifications and finally tap on the apps which notifications you don’t want to show on your lock screen. The great thing about these techniques is they’re so simple to apply and have been proven to be  effective on EVERY girl. In order to disable Auto app updates, go to ITunes and App stores, Automatic Downloads and finally swipe Updates switch.
In order to disable then, go to Settings, Privacy, Motion and Fitness and then swipe Fitness tracking switch.
Of course, by following a few guidelines and knowing a few tricks that we will show you today. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.
And if you don’t plan to use them ever again, then just uninstalling will be the best solution. When you are ready to give your pumpkin light, simply lift it up and place a lit candle inside.

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