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To create my first wrapped loop, I started shaping a wire head pin around the tip of a pen using a pair of needle nose pliers I found in our garage. While I was practicing the wrapped loop, I decided to design a pair of earrings for my sister. On the “Node Animation” dialog, the key-point is we must be select the Repeat option, we can select “Until The End” or “Until Next Click” or repeat times. Another repeat animation: make a button to control another shape repeat a animation again and again. Tick the Automatically after option, then type in how long you would like for the slide to be shown before the transitioning to the next.

I still thought the needle nose pliers from my garage would work, but I definitely needed something to replace that pen! She loves bright colors and had just purchased a pink shirt, so I made her some earrings with a pair of pink dichroic beads. If you’re interested, check out the video or read through the step by step instructions below it. From history to mathematics, physics to cognitive sciences, logic to computing, the infinity loop has been used to explain various concepts. After I formed the loop, I removed it from the pen and started wrapping the wire around the loop’s base. The beads looked terrific, and the round nose pliers gave the wrapped loops a more rounded look, but even my beginner’s eye noticed that they looked far from perfect. It's amazing how many software titles get introduced in bitsdujour that I would not otherwise have encountered. The symbol resembling number eight on its side seems to be popular among graphic artists and product designers too.

It seems that when you’re shaping wrapped loops, you need to pay attention to details like the position that you hold the round nose pliers and the amount of room that you leave between the bead and the loop. Well, after attempting to create a pair of earrings, I came to realize that this skill was not as easy as it sounded. Also make sure this setting is apply to all slides.Now some additional settings you can play around is to create an animation within each page and configure each element when to show and for how long it will show up. The bead attached to it didn’t hang straight, let alone match its mate on the other earring. Make sure the combined time is match to the time you have previously set in the “TRANSITIONS” tab.Download SampleIf you are too lazy to do all those from scratch, here is a simple sample I’ve created for you to download and try it out.

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