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I am Anirudha and I am the chief blogger at Choice Bolls News Point and where I like to share my own experience with my online readers on this website. Maybe you're putting together the monthly sales report, and you're presenting it to your bosses yet again. This is an interesting segment of the "anti-PowerPoint" market: tools to help you make those popular stop-motion animation films or hand-drawn cartoons that are so popular for advertising new apps these days.
In the realm of online do-it-yourself animation tools, GoAnimate is at the top of its game.
All in all, GoAnimate's vast catalog of built-in customizable graphics, audio support with lip sync animations, and a decent range of account prices makes it a great option if you want to animated your next presentation. VideoScribe carved out a nifty little niche for itself by letting you create those fancy "whiteboard animations" that have become a huge hit across the Web. Then, with the apps we've looked at so far being web apps, it's only fitting to look at the latest "anti-PowerPoint": HTML-powered presentations. If you're capable of hand-writing your own HTML code, then take a look at the documentation for Reveal.js on Github.
The next time you have to put together a presentation, instead of just reaching for the safe choice of PowerPoint or Keynote, give one of these "anti-PowerPoint" tools a try. Although you don’t necessarily need to be a professional designer to create slides that grab user attention. EWC Presenter combines all the best: advanced animation control tools (like in Flash), easy, intuitive workflow and pre-built templates, icons and effects (like in PowerPoint).
Wouldn’t it just be better to have a smarter, more interconnected way of presenting your ideas? Or maybe you're pitching something to a brand new client and you're looking to make an impact. Walking that fine line between being unique yet understandable, engaging and yet still comfortable, Prezi bills itself as a "nonlinear presentation tool"—an apt description for an app that flies in the face of traditional presentations' "stack of slides" metaphor. It's simple to use, with an interface that still keeps enough of the traditional slide layout to keep you comfortable while giving you the simple tools you need to format your text and more. Prezi really is a great solution when you feel like you've seen one-too-many PowerPoint presentations.
As with any filming, hand-animated videos are difficult and time-consuming to make, and require a ton of expensive equipment. Its web app makes it easy to pull their wide array of animation styles and pre-made graphics together into an animated presentation.
You can give your characters dialog, uploading your own voice recordings—or outsourcing to professional voice actors—and those characters will automatically get built-in lip sync animations. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, have a look at this video, produced by VideoScribe. Cool, right?

What VideoScribe lets you do is take a whole bunch of pre-drawn, pre-animated images, put them together in a way that best suits you and the message you want to convey, and then turns the whole thing into a slick little animation. As you've perhaps seen from some Google IO conference presentations, there's plenty of web features today to turn basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a full presentation that's essentially just an animated website. It's pretty impressive—just look at this introduction presentation to get a feel for what Reveal.js is capable of—especially considering it's all done with standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We've looked at three best types of "anti-PowerPoint" apps: nonlinear presentations, animated drawn presentations, and HTML presentations. Billing himself as a web craftsman, he takes great pride in his work, giving time and attention to the details and nuance of what he builds. To start you just have to find a great idea and a great tool to visualize what is on your mind. It helps if you have a particular reason for making a presentation, such as using slides as illustrations for your public speech or creating an animated user guide. Note that the software should offer stylish templates and graphic elements, handy tools to modify and customize your slides along with an intuitive interface.
Add to that cool free graphics and ability to share your presentation online, save it in different formats and view on any platform. In the beginning it helps to take it easy – open any pre-built template you like and start adding your own titles, text, pictures and icons. It means using the same color and color combinations for background, titles, text, frames, shapes and icons throughout all the slides. A lot of people tend to pack their slideshows with as much information and graphic as they can. Formulate every issue in just one brief sentence, turn it into a big title and add an expressive picture.
Instead of seeing each part of your presentation as individual slides, Prezi lets you lay out your entire presentation on one canvas, and then zoom in and out to see specific points or the bigger picture. As a web app, you can use Prezi from any computer, and collaborate with others on the same presentation.
The online tools are very intuitive and easy to use, you'll be creating Prezi's in no time.
You can easily customize those graphics as well, so your finished product will look like your very own even if it's built from stock graphics. But more than just the spoken word, GoAnimate offers a library of both music and sound effects, helping your animation really come to life. You can create your presentations in your favorite code editor, save them online in revision control tools like Git, and present them in any browser. It offers modern transitions, some subtly non-linear presentation features, and even a PDF export option. If you're looking for a tool with a different perspective, then Prezi can help breathe some life into an otherwise tired presentation. Otherwise you may get some inspiration for your own piece from other people’s presentations, pictures or videos.
Last but not least – it must be able to produce a slides which are viewable on every device. Based on the idea, that ideas are all fundamentally linked, it ditches the idea of making slides for talks and the like, and instead asks you to put everything on to a massive canvas, with text and pictures and arrows and connections. Or maybe, you're struggling to figure out how to get a PowerPoint presentation to look nice in the first place.We've already looked at the absolute basics of making a presentation, and seen how you can make a presentation in any app. You've likely already seen nonlinear presentations during TED talks, and perhaps in infographic-style videos that put info together for a big picture at the end.

But then, that's not so much different from Google Presentations, Keynote for iCloud, and Microsoft's PowerPoint web app.The main differentiator, of course, is its nonlinear presentation style. But with animation apps, you can get a similar effect far cheaper, and in far less time, making them perfect for something you'd otherwise have tried to describe with a PowerPoint slide deck. Once things are finished, you have a wide array of one-click export options to various social networks. Anything you can add to a website, you can put into an HTML presentation.That's very cool, but it'd also typically take far longer to make presentations with raw code than it'd ever take to make a PowerPoint.
There's even the extra features, such as web fonts and CSS customization, that you'd expect from a web-powered presentation.
Or maybe you want to really stand-out by putting together an animated short that helps explain your point for you. Just take a moment and think what information should come at the beginning, how to engage a viewer with the first slide and how to put an end to your presentation. As soon as you begin to compile visual elements, an idea on how to rearrange and modify your slides can come instantly. Avoid adding pictures or icons which do not look good together with other slide components.
That’s why it is so important to leave some empty space which separates different sections. You know the drill: fire up PowerPoint, or Keynote, create some slides, try some new fonts, maybe play with a new template. It can be an effective presentation style for conveying information that goes together—or just for spicing up a traditional presentation. Plus, animated clips have the advantage of letting you step outside of the laws of physics and reality, helping you make an idea or concept more understandable than it otherwise would have been.
Or if you'd prefer, you can download an HD video file for use wherever you like.The only downside to GoAnimate is their pricing model. That's right in the middle of GoAnimate's pricing, with less confusing tiers, and you've still got the option to just pay one month if you only need it for one presentation. If you are short in pictures, you can always find plenty on them using free online services (free photo stocks, Flickr and similar resources).
Blank canvas helps viewers to focus on key blocks instead of shifting their eyes around the slide hopelessly trying to find the main idea. Choose several built-in animation effects you like the most and use them for all of the slides. And then it wants you to zoom in and out of particular areas, idea cores, and centers of the canvas to focus on that part of the talk, like a slide.
Now, if you're truly wanting a full-featured animated video, you'll never have a replacement for professional animators.
The other good idea is to use complimentary icon and other graphic elements gallery (usually a good presentation software has built-in galleries).
Each of these apps, even though billed as "professional animated tools," are essentially simplified animation tools designed just for making a simple demonstration video.
If you're wanting to quickly make animated videos, it's a great option—and you could always opt to just pay for one month if you only need to make one video. They'll let you put together a hand-drawn animated video in minutes, ready to show off your ideas better than bullet points ever could.

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