Pin board--> Just Pinned - Trending PicsVIDEOS - * FLASH GAMES * - World NEWS & Top Articles Quick Meme Generator new! Now that I am at a different stage in my life, it is clear to me that I should have taken time at some point and actively decided to make my next relationship better than the one before.
Realise that the opposite of what is making you sad in a relationship is what would make you happy in the right one. All in all, if you are aware of what you didn’t like about your past relationships, you will be in a better position to make sure that your future relationship is the best you’ll ever have.
How to find love as a woman over 30Should a woman in her 30s ‘settle’ when it comes to love?
Contrary to popular belief, men need more than a good meal, a beer, and a good time between the sheets to keep them happy. Another tip on how to make a man happy in a relationship is to support him in his endeavours. When a relationship matures, a man doesn’t want his partner to lose sight of the importance of having fun. Men do need their space from time to time, so he will really appreciate you giving him his. Men also need to feel like men, and he will hate it if you put him down, or shout at him in public.
Next tip on how to make a man happy in a relationship is: don’t be shy about experimenting in bed, because your man probably will be.
Don’t kick a man when he’s down, give him the understanding and the support that he needs, and he will soon be happy again. Instead of trying to CHANGE people…ACCEPT others for who they are…incredible creations with immeasurable value and worth. So be sure to avoid these 5 Toxins of the Tongue, increase your compliment to criticism ratio and embrace these 5 Types of Powerful Words.

As I shared in 8 Mistakes I’ve Made in Marriage, in our early years as a couple, I tried to control Susan and our relationship too much.
About MeI am the president of the national non-profit organization, Family First , and the voice of a daily radio program called The Family Minute. A man also needs companionship, support and, of course, love, to be happy in a relationship.
Men don’t open their heart and bear their souls too readily and when they do, they don’t want to be hurt. He wants to hear your opinion and a good man will be open to your ideas, but he wants you to encourage him to succeed and to congratulate him when he wins. Settling down and building a home together is important stuff, but he’ll love you even more if you don’t lose all of that childish sense of fun that you used to have. He will need his little hidey-hole, or man cave, to disappear into for a few hours sometimes, so let him know that it’s ok for him to do this, because it is important to him. Despite all their bravado, many men are quite backward about coming forward with new ideas in this area, so take the initiative and he will love you all the more for it. If he’s made a mistake, then now may not be the time to criticise and rub salt into the wound. Whether it be helping to undo a bottle or advice on things you do, he will always be there to offer you his strength and his wisdom. Always be in your man’s corner and step in to support him, whenever there is any dispute with other people. Compliment him on his achievements and his looks too, because all men like to have their egos stroked.
It’s usually the ones who accept us for who we are…who don’t try to change, criticize, or control us.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

Your behaviour around him, the things you say and the little gestures of affection that you make can make all the difference to your man’s happiness, so read these ten simple ways how you can make your man happy.
The most successful relationships are based upon trust, and a man wants to know that he can trust his partner enough that he can confide in her and rely on her.
You are the person that can bring out the best in your man, and will do it, because he wants to please you.
Give him the chance to be your knight in shining armour and he will be so happy that he could come to your rescue.
He will think you are wonderful for fighting for his cause and he will love that he has someone who loves him enough to stand up for him. He will be happy that you notice these things about him and pleased that you care enough to tell him. Let me ask you a question: Have you ever thought about whether other people really like to be around you? But when I realized my error and changed my ways, Susan was set free and allowed to be who God created her to be – an amazing, creative, and awesome woman and wife!
If not, maybe it’s because they feel, right or wrong, that deep down inside, you really don’t love or accept them for who they are. Instead of serving your family and showing them acceptance, you’re constantly criticizing them for not doing it the same way you do, or you’re always bossing them around.

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