In many markets around the country residential and commercial consumers can now select their electricity and natural gas supplier. For retail energy suppliers, business growth depends upon reaching and convincing consumers to switch providers and buy from them. Thata€™s because todaya€™s consumers rely less on traditional forms of advertising and more on online searches (including consumer reviews of product choices and companies), blogs (educational content that individuals and companies provide on their website to inform and answer consumer questions, but not sell products) and social media to research, learn about and make their buying decisions.
According to one B2B study, customers completed a€?nearly 60 percent of a typical purchasing decision a€¦ before even having a conversation with a supplier.a€? Consumers have taken control of the sales process and dona€™t want to talk to a sales rep until theya€™re almost ready to buy. Determining who you want to reach is an often overlooked but critical first step to attracting the right prospects to your website. If youa€™re having a problem building traffic to your website, we recommend creating a blog for your website.
When prospects visit your website you need to have a way for them to enter your sales funnel and become a lead. Premium content can include such things as eBooks, videos, case studies, webinars, calculators and more. Create case studies and testimonials showing the challenges some of your retail energy customers faced and the solutions you provided.
Create automated email lead nurturing campaigns for leads who download premium content on your website. You can give prospects a choice in how they do business with you by sharing pricing information and letting them enter information that can be used to convert them into a customer. Personalize periodic email messages with, for example, their name, company name and a link to content you know they are interested in. Empower your customers by continuing to provide relevant information and recommendations that will enable them to succeed. The process for turning your website into your best salesperson is called Inbound Marketing. Inalign solves your toughest web-development and marketing challenges with HubSpot and Sitefinity.
One of the things that many businesses new to the Internet will want to do is set up their first website.
Once you have a domain name, the next stage is to link it to a server or a€?web hosta€? on the Internet. Now that youa€™ve got your domain name and web hosting organized, ita€™s time to start building your website!
If youa€™ve used software like Microsoft Word before, the look and feel of website builders is similar to that. They are a great way of getting started without spending a lot of time designing and adding information to your new website. Once youa€™re happy with the look and feel of your new site, you can then publish it so that it goes live!
The post Create Your First Website By Following This Handy Guide appeared first on Techmetic. Being an owner of your own website, for specific peronsal or professional needs, has become very easy nowadays – it is very affordable and simple. If you want to make a website with the most demanding requirements for free, the network has plenty of options for you and it is not necessary to register a domain name and buy web hosting.
To do this, select the appropriate item on its main page, then enter your desired user name, password (sometimes twice), e-mail and other data as demanded by the host.
The following tutorial will take you step by step through the process of setting up your own website. Your domain name provides visitors with the first and most lasting impression of your website.
It’s up to you which plan you choose to go with, but I generally recommend people go for a year or two in advance, it works out much cheaper that way.
Once that is done, GreenGeeks will setup your new domain and web host, and link them together.
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to build a website based on a free piece of software called WordPress.

These features include a set of themes that allow you to build a professional site without hiring a web developer.
A manual installation of WordPress is often time-consuming, especially for novice web developers.
1) Login to your GreenGeeks account manager (the link will be in your welcome email from GreenGeeks).
3) Once you are logged in, click on the Blue cPanel Login button: You will now see a screen with a bunch of icons on it. Then last but not least you will see the “Select Language” option and “Limit Login Attempts”, which you can again just leave them as they are and click the Install Button. After a minute or two you should see the screen below, which means that the software has been installed and is ready to go. This page primarily consists of links in submenus that allow you to change various features of your website such as your WordPress theme.
Competitive retail energy suppliers have emerged to provide competition and consumer choice in an industry that was once the sole domain of regulated utilities. Since more consumers now shop and buy products online, your website may be the most important salesperson on your team.
According to a recent Forrester report, nearly 75 percent of B2B buyers say ita€™s more convenient to buy from a website than a sales rep and 93 percent prefer buying from a website rather than a sales rep when theya€™ve decided what to buy.
They are people with problems and pain points similar to the people you would consider to be your ideal customers or buyers of electricity and natural gas.
Each blog article you write creates a new webpage on your website and another opportunity for your prospects to find you. Each campaign would consist of several emails designed to get your leads to request a consultation with a sales representative.
This should be set up to allow two-way data sharing so that your sales team has all the information on a prospect and knows when the best time is to follow-up with a lead. Make it available to them on your website, giving them another reason to stay connected with your company. If you know a customera€™s main problem is reducing energy consumption, be helpful by providing recommendations to them on this topic. If you have a propane customer, dona€™t show them an offer on your webpages for a€?How to Switch to Propane.a€? Instead, make sure your customers only see calls-to-action for things they need.
It is a proven, data-driven approach to marketing to consumers based on how they research, learn about and make purchasing decisions.
At Temetic, we offer you the elaborate data relating to future technologies and completely different software platforms like Apple, Ios, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Google, apps, Android, neXus, windows, software, SEO, SEM Technology News etc. Some of them are DIY efforts, others are ones where you pay an individual to design your site for you. In laymana€™s terms, a domain name is the website a€?addressa€? that gets typed into a web browsera€™s address bar.
The good news is you dona€™t have to set up any computers at your home or office to host your site.
Nowadays the process is easy thanks to the plethora of online website builders you can use. It is not entirely necessarily to have the skills of a web developer to make your own website.
You can however always experiment and learn newer ways, which appear with the passage of time and advancement of technology.
Do not place material on the website containing topics which are not trendy, in whatever niche you have chosen.
Before you create a website, do a little market research: to determine the sites of competitors and your target audience. Typically, there is a function to customize the look of the site and adding additional features to the display of the website. If you have any questions, or run into any problems along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments section, or alternatively contact us, we are more than happy to help. This is where the files that make up your website will actually be stored, making your website accessible for people all around the world to see online.

Fortunately, web hosts such as GreenGeeks have applications that allow you to install WordPress automatically. This is your websites cPanel (Control Panel) where you can setup email addresses, or view your website statistics as well as a range of other things.
Most people will want to clear this box, so that WordPress is installed on the main domain, but if you want it inside a different directory, you can enter one here. This section of the tutorial will describe some of the methods you can use to give your website a professional appearance with WordPress. Additional features that you can configure through WordPress include pages, posts, comments, tags and categories. This submenu allows you to change your theme as well as menus and widgets for your sidebar. This submenu allows you to change miscellaneous features on your website such as the date format, description, display and name of each page.
This submenu lets you modify settings that are specific to each user such as profiles, email and passwords. Because all of the content you create for your website should be written specifically for the people you want to reach.
What problem(s) did they have that you solved for them and turned them into a long-lasting customer? Also, write about what you believe customers should be asking about and why ita€™s important to them.
Dona€™t miss out on these opportunities by not having the right content and forms on your website.
Temetic is based to assist our readers succeed by aggregation the knowledge and highlight the world technological voice communication. But, did you know that ita€™s possible for many first-timers to get the job done without getting stress out about it? Ita€™s quite easy to use a website builder because they offer users a a€?point and clicka€? interface. You can just use ready-made templates and free hosting to make your website in only a few minutes. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to get the email, but sometimes it will take a few hours, so once you have received your welcome email, you can continue with step 3.
These applications perform many additional functions within WordPress such as improving the search ranking of your website. It also lets modify the features of existing pages such as comments, page order, slug and template. Plugins enhance the functionality of your website by making your website run faster, changing its appearance and improving the search ranking of your website. You can also specify the information that will appear with the post such as the date of the post, poster’s name and comments from visitors. For example, if you provide a value-added product or service talk about why ita€™s important to them. Now, you want to give them something they will find valuable enough to provide you with their email address and other information. After all, it costs businesses 6-to-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. However, you should keep in mind that sites hosted on free hosting service have limited functionalities. Plus they have given me permission to offer readers of this website a special discount voucher to make getting started even easier. WordPress also has many features that allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of your website. You can also access this page by clicking the link labeled “login” in the right sidebar on your home page.

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