Any attempt to code this page must start by roughly positioning these four blocks of content. These problems aren't unsolvable; coding a simple four-block layout with the float declaration is quite possible. Ensuring that the footer works properly on both long and short pages is a common cause of CSS headache. If the visual design of your web site requires complex horizontal alignment or a reliable page footer, minimal tables could help you evade complex browser incompatibilities. Using pure CSS in all circumstances will have to wait until all browsers support CSS fully. In the bad old days web developers placed all page elements in tables, and if the page didn't look as expected it needed yet more tables inside the already existing tables. The table needs many more refinements (a width for the navigation, a vertical-align for the footer) but that's the job of the CSS, not the XHTML.
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple & smart web layout in Corel Draw. Okay, now that you know the steps and elements, we will begin, first of all open your CorelDraw program, now create a new file and set the paper size to Custom and resize it to 30 x 19 cm. Lets put color on the Biggest circle, by going to the " Fountain Fill tool " in the left toolbar and apply the value below, you can create a custom color by double click on the color box. Now you see that theres an arrow in the corner of the custom box shape, click and drag in order to shape it, shape similar like below. After that go to the upper toolbar and find Effect > Lens, after that set the lens type into fish eye and apply the value below. Now select the button in the Navigation Bar and copy it, after that arrange it on the left and right side of the Contents Bar. And we are done, you can customize it by adding more color, text, shadow or texture like the final image below. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos.

Style details can wait; first you should make sure that the content blocks are aligned correctly in all browsers on all resolutions. Horizontal alignment wholly depends on the float declaration, which, though supported by all modern browsers, is supported according to two different models, with minor variations even between browsers that support the same model.
Nonetheless the danger of insolvable browser incompatibilities increases exponentially with every floating block you add. On long pages that use more space than the window height, the footer should appear directly below the navigation and content blocks. Correct horizontal alignment has been the most important advantage of tables ever since Mosaic. First try to create a cross-browser pure CSS page, and don't be shy to ask for help from
If you've honestly tried to use CSS but encountered serious browser incompatibilities in the rough positioning of the content blocks, you should switch to minimal tables. You have created a framework that solves some tricky problems for you and gives you free rein to fill in all the other details of your design by CSS. For instance, browsers see a width declaration on a TD as a sort of advice, and they don't hesitate to overrule it when they think it's necessary.
You will learn how to design a smart background, a sleek navigation bar and a neat content section. Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. Even if your CSS experiment turns out not to work, you will have acquired valuable experience. The text color should be a dark gray (#252525) to create a good but subtle contrast with our dark blue background. The other two links should be somewhere in between them.13 To align them perfectly, select all 4 layers in the Layers Panel. In the Options Bar of the Rectangular Marquee Tool, change the Style option to Fixed Size and then set the Width option to 100px and Height option 148px.

Get the Horizontal Type Tool (T) from the Tools Panel and write your date using Museo Slab 500.
The color of the border is a dark gray (#1b1b1b).Add and Position the Content of the Blog Post Entry55 Find an image of yours and paste it into your Photoshop document.
You can use a Lorem Ipsum generator tool like this one to generate some text in a jiffy, but it’s never a bad idea to use real web copy to make the mock-up look as accurate as possible. In this case, I copied some interesting text off Wikipedia to give me some real web copy for the footer text.
Align the text horizontally with the background place it on the far left guide.Finished!We’re done!
I think it isn’t necessary to use use gradients, to many diferent colors or justify a text to get a good design. Simplicity definitely has its place.Best Regards, Lex FitzLisa Aug 30 2010Thanks for an easy-to-follow tutorial! I learned at least five new PS skills after completing this and am thrilled to put a few of them to use today.Debbie Sep 27 2010Thanks for posting and sharing your time for FREE. It always amazes me why someone complains ( at any level ) about someone else posting something they don’t feel is up to par.
This is a Great tutorial, and like Rod Rodrigues said “sometimes less is more”, which I totally agree!
Your second comment showed how actually you are jealous of Eric for making it to a published Six Revisions author.
Your contribution was valuable to me as well as to a lot of others who will never leave a comment.Imriel May 10 2011Thank you for this tutorial! I really want to build my own theme because its hard to find the right one ( for you taste)Mark Nov 07 2011If I could get a little help.

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