How to make a homemade water slide for your backyard play space, using nothing more than a camping tarp, a garden hose and a bottle of cheap shampoo! The hooligans and I love it when the temperatures turn warm in the spring because that’s when we start in with our simple water play activities.
I spread the tarp out over a small slope in the yard, hung the garden hose up over the clothes-line, and chose a light spray setting.
Heehee, I don’t think the Hooligans’ parents would appreciate me packing up and leaving, Beth! Reminded me of my childhood in the states, we got this thing called slip and slide, thanks for sharing, I love your ideas and appreciate you sharing with us. So I had one of my best friends visiting from out of town this weekend, which is always a grand time. One of the things you could always count on in kindergarten was the b-line all the kids made to that slide once the recess bell rang.
As I faced the horde of my peers taunting me with blame, and telling me I had just pushed Anson off the top of the slide, and that my teacher was going to find out, and that I would going to have to go to the principal’s office, and was going to get a spanking, and that they were going to call my parents and tell on me, I did what any hero who had just save all those people and the Earth would do, I started crying. Because I was the unintentional assailant of the whole affair part of my punishment was to face the person I had so carelessly pushed off the slide and apologize.
Anson responded in the only way a 5 year old wearing a new cast knows how when confronted by another kid of the same age. So now, since we has moved to Iowa to teach 3D animation, he has a sort of yearly ceremony where, when spring break rolls around he takes advantage of the off week and pops by Utah for a week of play, party, and possible parental visits. The Anson wine party was brilliant, and I’m tickled with the new people that are becoming more regular wine party attendees.
Traditionally the recommendation for our wine party is to bring a side dish to share and bottle of wine for people to try. As for the wine of the month, I believe I’m going to have to go with the 2007 Trapiche Broquel Malbec, although we did have a 2008 there as well.
Well when my little sister arrived someone handed her a wine glass that had a tiny bit of the pre-surgery ass wine. Google Images, key words: Trapiche Broquel Malbec 07, playground slide, running kid, save the world, broken collarbone, bad taste face, and bottles of wine. I haves used several ideas, and I must say the idea of cotton wool coated with colored flour was amazing I made it for my Playgroup kids and they enjoyed smashing it with a plastic hammer.
We have known each other since I broke his collar bone during recess in kindergarten and we’ve just sort of been friends ever since. Kids would like climb up the two story ladder, which was probably about 6 feet up, but when you are only half the size of an adult Ewok a ladder that high is only about three steps shy of being able to grab the moon so you can use it to play catch.

I saw the top of the slide as the one place on the planet that had to be at, as soon as humanly possible. Meaning he possibly visits his parents if there’s time and not that he visits people that might possibly be his parents. One is that we go out and eat epic amounts of sushi for dinner one of the nights he in town.
This applies to couples and singles, meaning that if you come as a couple you bring a bottle and if you come alone you bring a bottle.
Her face, after tasting the wine, announced to everyone in the house that she agreed that it was one of the worst wines every made. This slide was Mount Olympus, and then you got to the top you would look over all of the known world. The problem I discovered with being 5 and trying to flee the scene of a crime is… short legs.
Our parents took this as a good sign that the apology was accepted, and we, not sure what apology really meant, were way past talking about broken bones and were now discussing the finer points of spaceship themed Legos. He does have a lot of family in the area, so it’s always a good trip for him to catch up with friends and family. It’s an Argentinean red wine that upon the first sip, asks your mouth if you’d like to dance the tango. He claimed it was one of the worst wines he has ever tasted, ass wine if you will, and wanted it out of his house forever. The off switch was on the top of the slide platform and I was the only one who knew exactly where it was. There was a congregation of kids gathered around the slide, but none of them were trying to get on the slide. During this time my brother and I will always take at least one day (sometimes more) off of work to hang out and catch up.
I recommend that you speak for your mouth when this happens by nodding yes and then take another sip. So this was my though, if you are sharing wine with someone who is trying to work their way up to drinking and appreciating more wine, a tiny sample of ass wine might be helpful.
No, this was a group of kids trying to get a look at something that had just happened on the ground.
Now, 31 years later we’re still going strong, and I always try to make sure I buy him Legos for his birthday. As it worked out, we were having the monthly wine party the same Saturday that he was going to be in town.

I mean sure there have been cases were there was one or two half bottles left by the time people were sober enough to drive home. After the third swallow of this wine your tongue will stop prancing around your mouth and begin to get the hang of the rhythm the wine and tongue need to make together to fully enjoy all of the flavors and depth that this wine brings to the table. So he was hoping I could work some of my drink mixing magic and get it to a point where people might actually enjoy drinking it.
For the sheer fact that anything else you try the rest of the night is going to be so monumentally better that you sort of shock a struggling palate into appreciation.
So I pushed and stepped and climbed over, around and on the other kids climbing the ladder to the top of the slide so that I could get to the top.
When I got closer to see what was happening, I was greeted with a flank of little fingers pointing at me yelling, “You did it!” This was not the “Hooray you just saved us all” meaning of “You did it!” No, this was the “It’s all your fault.” translation accompanied by the finger of blame. Granted it worked out that way because we planned it that way, but when given the opportunity to go with a “happenstance” explanation vs. Well I do love a good challenge and after 2 lemons, some strawberries and pineapple, a hint of honey, and a handful of a cinnamon and sugar the wine abomination did become quite drinkable, in a “no too bad” kind of way. I think it could work, then again it just might be one of the “seems like a good idea at the time” ideas, and we all know how those usually end. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I did notice there was a kid lying on the ground a little dazed and a teacher was picking him up and rushing him to the small school building we had class in. When I got up Sunday morning I walked downstairs and saw the dinner table covered with wine bottles. We were all for trying every wine that graced our presence that evening, but I’ll tell you, after 16 bottles of wine, and one small bottle of 12 year old scotch we reached a universal “I’m done” point in the evening 5 bottle shy of completion. Then I had to slide down before the platform dissolved making it impossible for anyone to ever push the Earth Self Destruct button ever again. Apparently Zeus had shagged one of the locals and at some point blessed that child and all generations of that child with this brilliant gift of sliding perfection.
There was only one at first, but as I started examining the collection of empty bottles I found that there were 2, no 3, no 4, no 5… yes 5!

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