Windows 10 features a sophisticated ‘personal assistant’ to help you use your PC more efficiently.
Cortana first appeared on Windows Phone, where it used sophisticated speech recognition via the built-in microphone.
Cortana requires some basic setting up before you begin, so start by clicking in the Search box next to the Windows 10 Start button. Cortana will personalise its responses, so type the name you’d like to be known by and click the Next button. Typing isn’t always the most natural way to interact with Cortana, so if your computer has a microphone, you can use your voice, too. Cortana will build up a profile about you as you use it and you can speed up this process by telling it what you’re interested in. Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana is a great addition to Windows 10, but for some upgraders in the UK it takes a few tweaks to get the service up and running.
Windows 10 has brought with it some impressive new features,including Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant. As Cortana utilises complicated language recognition processes to communicate with users and PCs, she needs to know what she’s listening out for so she can do her job. When the language pack and Speech module have been installed you’ll need to select the new language as the one Cortana will use. In here there’s a new panel where you can select the Speech Language used by your PC. Now with the settings all matching up to the UK, and the language packs installed, you’ll need to reboot your PC.
So long as your microphone is compatible you’ll now be able to use Cortana whenever you want, just by speaking that command. OpenVPN is a robust open source VPN application that provides a secure, encrypted link between computers over a public network (i.e.
I figured this must be a common problem, so I used Google to search for the solution but I could not find one. Before you begin, make sure that your VPN works correctly under Windows 7 with the firewall turned off. Note: This tutorial assumes that you are using the standard OpenVpn installation with the OpenVpn GUI tool under Windows 7. 3)      Make sure that you are running the OpenVPN GUI as Administrator on both the client and server. The problem with running the VPN with the firewall on is that Windows will classify the VPN network as a public network because the VPN does not have a default gateway.
1)      In the upper left corner of the Network dialog, click on “Change adapter settings”.

7)      Add the gateway address (See Gateway Setting below) leaving the “Automatic metric” checkbox checked. 1)      On the server side, the OpenVpn GUI icon should be “green” indicating a successful connection is made. 3)      On the client side make sure that the OpenVpn GUI icon is green showing a successful connection. This procedure allows you to connect a Windows 7 Server and client using OpenVPN using the built in Windows 7 firewall. When you copy server configuration from this blog article, be sure to replace diagonal quotation marks with vertical (normal) ones. Even after getting the network type from public to private, I still couln’t ping client from the server (the client was able to ping the server) when the firewall is on. Of couse I could just remove the local subnet restriction from all the File and Print rules for private networks but if anyone has a better idea, I would appreciate sharing it. Oracle Engineering Inc., a consulting company that develops embedded systems for the medical, consumer and industrial markets.
I have spent the last month, on and off, trying to get video shot with my Panasonic GF1 to show up in iMovie on the iPad. Even if video can be played back on the iPad, and shows up fine either in the Camera Roll or the native Videos app, iMove likely can’t see it.
You may think that you could just drop the file iMovie’s file-transfer area in iTunes, but that would be too easy. As we know, the iOS video app is a lot less finicky than iMovie, as all it has to do is play back video.
Shoot a clip, put the SD card into your camera connection kit and transfer the movie right to your iPad (Motion JPG, AVI, MOV and MP4 should all come across fine). Cortana in Windows 10 works with a microphone, too, by you can also use it with the keyboard. These will become more matched to your interests over time, but again, we’ll fine tune them later.
Cortana will then be able to give travel directions, traffic updates before you travel and so on. Using this service you can control your PC via voice commands, search the web, and even have your life organised by the handy digital PA. For Cortana to work in the UK your PC needs to have the English (United Kingdom) language pack downloaded. Click the Download Language Pack one at the top, and Windows will install it on your system. The default is usually English (United States), but clicking on it should bring up the English (United Kingdom) option.

When it comes back up use the search area in the task bar to look for Cortana settings, then select that, turn Cortana on and she’ll begin taking you through the various tasks she can accomplish. I found that there were many questions online about this problem, but there were no good solutions posted.
I wrote this article to help the rest of you find instructions on how to solve this problem.
If you click on “Work Network” you will get a dialog box that lets you change the type of network connection (home, work or public network). This appears to be because the hardware video chips inside these devices are tuned to very specific file types. To fix this, you need first to convert the footage into the right format, and then introduce it gently to iMovie in just the right way. Make sure you have the MP4 extension and don’t make the name too long, or put any weird characters in there, as they may upset poor Princess iMovie. Both ClipWrap and MPEG Streamclip can batch-convert files, and you can save your Streamclip settings as a preset.
Then open up ReelDirector, make a new project, switch off all the options in the pop-up and hit the plus button to add a clip.
I swear that I once imported a movie clip direct to my iPad, and then was able to edit it right there in the Photos app. If Cortana isn't springing into life on in Windows 10, we explain what you need to do to make her work.
This isn’t true, but you do need to ensure that a few settings are correct before Cortana will appear on your PC. Many of these apps will edit video or add special effects and then spit out the results in an iMovie-compatible format. I was more than a little surprised when I tried to set up a VPN at the office of one of my consulting client’s and found that OpenVPN would not work with the Windows 7 built in firewall.
If it is not set to “Work network”, click on the “Public network” and you should now be allowed to change it to “Work network”. Otherwise on your VPN network connection, click on “public network” under the network name and change it to a Work network.
If you’re prepared for a small loss in quality, you can convert video right there on the iPad. At this stage, you may well be able to view the result on the iPad, but it still won’t work with iMovie.

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