Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.
A few weeks later a new version was presented in a blog entry that amounted to "We listened to your feedback about the UI and we added some color to three of the icons. I'm looking forward to x64 Edit and Continue, async debugging, and return values in the autos window as well. I'm hoping the push towards making the debugger better is continued and that we will finally get lambda support while debugging (via Roslyn presumably).My biggest issue with using the 2013 Preview is extensions.
Will I be able to port all my users over to the new system and they will all still be able to log in?Also, I see that the tables don't have a confirmation token to verify email addresses. But, don't use the only machine you have to work on every day if it's all you have to ship with. That includes the existing support for Google, Facebook, Microsoft ID, Twitter, Open Auth in general as well as Windows Auth and Windows Azure Activity Directory. That means cloud-hosted intranet apps.) New Web API and SignalR functionality - Web API now supports Portable Formatters that can be shared on client and server and you can create clients that work on Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. Web API also supports AttributeRouting via an OSS contribution from Tim McCall, and CORS via an OSS contribution from Brock Allen.
I have spent too much time upgrading and re-writing my app, just to keep up with MS, when it already works perfectly fine.

Most of these changes mean nothing to me because everything is half-baked anyway until the 3 iteration. And when devs like something for a while, you kill it and say this new thingy(half-baked) is better. I have decided not to use VS for front-end work, and ServiceStack for the backend api, to gain some stability.
That way I can focus on customer features, not re-tooling, re-learning, and re-writing to the next version every 5 minutes. VS upgrades reflects MS's profit-seeking wet dream, not what developers with production apps, NEED. Scott, instead of redoing the whole UI, how about you guys give us some of these features as optional upgrades. I absolutely LOVE this feature in word and excel (having invoices and contracts in the cloud) and think it will be AWESOME for when I get a Surface Pro. If you give feedback after that deadline then it will have to wait for the next version of Visual Studio. GET TO WORK ON SOMETHING DECENT AND STOP SAYING HOW EXSITED YOU ARE ABOUT SOME NEW AND SHINY PIECE OF CRAP TECH. Right behind that is how sometimes switching between tabs, or just moving the cursor and typing something causes the app to go (Not Responding) for anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute (also with absurd amounts of disk activity)?

Ever since Windows 95 was being baked, MS dev products have become costlier, and developers who aren't corporate or big-name house increasingly pushed away. Maybe it's just time I dump Microsoft and go to Android.MS needs an across-the-board attitude adjustment. Stop trying to break records for memory consumption, awesome color schemes, or how much you charge for the really useful versions of your tools. OTOH, if you don't want those types anymore, just come out and say so so we won't bother you with our radical, non-conformist approaches. They are the ones that get stuck and figure out the solution, why not then contribute this knowledge back to the community?I would love to see a replacement for the MSDN library which is a wiki, where the community takes responsibility for it.
And here's the most important part - it's what should power the intellisense descriptions.A central devwiki, where documentation could be added to third party libraries (how many of them are under commented?) and for any language.

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