With all the glorious changes in Safari iOS 7, we need to learn a thing or two to make the best use of the features. When you select some other folder within Favorites, links within that folder will be shown in Safari whenever you open a new tab. Now that you know this trick, you can put all news-related favorites under a folder and have that displayed in Safari’s default new tab view. Arcade games are one of the primary sources of entertainment for kids who were raised during the 1970s and the subsequent two decades. According to the latest Forbes rankings, Apple has been ranked as the most valuable brand in the world.
Setting up quick access to websites with a homescreen icon bookmark is super easy, this makes the website accessible right from the home screen just like an app would be, simply tapping the icon launches the webpage. Personally, I prefer this to showing the bookmarks bar in Safari on iPad or using bookmarks through Safari in general. If you were wondering, the icon used by Safari’s home screen bookmarks, known as an Apple Touch Icon, can be customized by any web developer on a per site basis rather easily.
This works in all versions of iOS, just look for the little square box with an arrow flying out of it. Can you do an article on how you can make those bookmarks open on Google Chrome rather than directly to Safari?
I have tried to find ways to do this but the only way I know of launches Safari first then uses Javascript to launch Chrome. What I do is made a custom bookmarks HTML page and uploading it to my own server, it’s the default on all web browsers and I only have to change things from one place. Many of the websites that you visit through the Safari browser on your iPhone will store data on your device to try and improve your experience with the site. But you might eventually want to remove all of this data from Safari, either as a means to troubleshoot a problem with a specific website, or because someone else will be using your iPhone and you don’t want them to see sites that you were visiting, or be able to navigate your accounts on sites where you might still be logged in.
The steps in this article are going to clear the history in the Safari browser on your iPhone, as well as any cookies, data and cache that has been downloaded.
Step 3: Scroll all the way to the bottom of this menu, then touch the blue Clear History and Website Data button.
Step 4: Touch the red Clear History and Data button to confirm that you want to delete your history, cookies, and website data.
One other option if you don’t want to continuously delete your Safari history is to use private browsing instead. There might be times when many ideas and concepts might have hit your mind for making an iOS app.
Capriza will require you to first register on their site before going ahead with anything else.

Yeah I guess having an app for your website makes it something like a shortcut someone can click on without having to go to the browser. 1) Open your favorite website in Safari browser, of which you want to add shortcut ( Use only Safari browser ).
2) It will show you all options, In that tap on Add to Home Screen option highlighted in image below. That’s it now you will be able to visit your favorite website right from your home screen. 3) Press home button and Go to home screen, you will see their shortcut of your favorite website.
That’s it in this way you can easily add website shortcut to home screen on iOS and Android.
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You can edit the bookmark and change its location to Favorites to have the bookmark show up in the new tab view.
Place it accordingly on the home screen, in the Dock, or create a handful of them and make a dedicated Bookmarks folder for quick access to all of your favorite websites. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
This can range from website data that will improve the speed of the site for each page that you visit beyond the first, to cookies that will remember what is in your shopping cart as you navigate between pages on that site. Our guide below will show you where to go in order to delete your history, cookies, and website data in iOS 9. If you do start using private browsing in Safari, however, it is important to know how to exit a private browsing session, as Safari will not do so automatically.
This app is a tool which will make an app for your website based on certain options that you’ll be choosing. The basic requirement is having Mozilla firefox since the tool for developing your app would be in the form of an add-on in your browser. Though a plugin will do the trick for WordPress if you want to make your website mobile compatible .

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It is good practice to add favicon to your site, It not only makes your site look professional but it also makes good impression in others mind. If you face any difficulties doing this ask me in comments I will reply you as soon as possible.
Of course you are, but rather than launching Safari first and then going to a web page, you can add this website or any other as a homescreen bookmark, making it instantly accessible from iOS with just a tap. Safari will also keep a history of the pages that you visit so you can return to them in the future. Note that this will not clear data for other browsers that you might use on your iPhone, such as Chrome, Atomic, or Dolphin. If you find a better tool to make an app for your website, please share it in the comments. The very first step is to visit their website and choose an option of creating an app for your website. Once you download the addon, select your site and select the options you might want to have in your app. Well that is not our topic to discuss today but if you use your phone to surf internet than there might be many blogs or websites which you will be visiting regularly. Let me now show you how you can add your favorite website shortcut on home screen of any iOS device. No more typing long URL’s or finding from your bookmarks, Add website shortcut to home screen in iOS and enjoy surfing internet more easily on your iOS devices.
Yes, In this article I will tell you how you can add your favorite website’s shortcut to your Android or iOS device home screen.
You may also have bookmarked it, but what if you can directly go to your favorite website by just single tap on home screen? Follow below given simple steps and add shortcut of your favorite website on Home screen of your Android device. In this article I have explained how you can easily add your favorite website shortcut to home screen on any iOS device or Android.

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