Color and backgrounds can add atmosphere, and a sense that the website a€?continues on past the screena€™. A background can give additional visual cues about a website a€“ for example, an elegant background can cue refined products or services and a retro background can signal fun products or services.
The website Grunge Textures has a sub section of Free background textures, all of which have a nice earthy grunge look.
Pixel Perfect Digital is a modernA free stock photo website offering an array of high quality free backgrounds, patterns and textures. FreeSeamlessTextures have a growing collection of seamless textures, backgrounds and patterns for your web and graphic design projects! Background Labs is a very good resource for high quality backgrounds that you can use for free.
Nearly every marketer and entrepreneur in today’s world understands the need for landing pages.

We all love awesome graphics, subconsciously or knowingly, which makes the background of your landing page all the more crucial as a part of it all. Download Free 46 Page Report to Build Profitable Funnels using the 5 Simple Action Strategies! It is therefore a worthy achievement when an artist is able to use this technique to make a website look stunning and attractive. If the background graphics take over the website, the message of the website can be lost, and the whole website design can look very unprofessional.
All of the backgrounds on the website have a free small version but the Freebies section does have a selection of 40 very large top quality textures to choose from.
The only slight draw back is that some of the images are under the standard screen size of most modern devices. Seamless texture images can be tiled across your background with the edge of each image blending seamlessly into the next resulting in an improved page load speed versus using one large full screen image.

The backgrounds licenses are clearly marked and the majority are all free for commercial use. With a wide range of eye pleasing images categorized by color and application this website is worth visiting if you’re looking for a website background. But when should you have a clean white background, when to use a fancy stock photo and when to draw something unique to be used as the background? All images are free and can be easily downloaded, with some backgrounds also having a psd (Photoshop file) available.A Not all of the smaller backgrounds images can be tiled and except for manually searching it hard to find what backgrounds can be tiled.

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