Now start adding thousand of online games in your website without uploading and promote your website to get lot of game players in your new arcade website. Being an owner of your own website, for specific peronsal or professional needs, has become very easy nowadays – it is very affordable and simple. If you want to make a website with the most demanding requirements for free, the network has plenty of options for you and it is not necessary to register a domain name and buy web hosting.
To do this, select the appropriate item on its main page, then enter your desired user name, password (sometimes twice), e-mail and other data as demanded by the host.
Thanks Nigel, we’re trying to provide the most comprehensive tools so that our members and visitors can learn how to make a website with the latest and most powerful features that are on the market today.
I had no idea of how to make a website like weeks ago, now I have a very good idea and I?ll definitely add games to it. Thanks Bob, when you create a website with games, they can be a great tool to generate and maintain traffic. Totally, there are certain websites that would loose professionalism if they have games in it, but for others like mine ti goes perfectly and I hope it will help me to keep a certain number of visitors, many other tools from this web builder will help me make it complete. I love your tutorials, you make creating a website sooooo easy and at the same time exciting. I was wondering two days ago what could I do to increase the number of visits to my page, and I guess this is a fun way to do it, and in my case young people is an important market so I have to create a website that attract this group.
Hi Charles, if you have a young audience then this is a great way to attract them to your website and keep them there.
For folks who are just starting to blog, wordpress or blogspot are the two default blogging platform that they would use.
Hence, to help people new to blogging, here are a list of free website building services that have nice templates and free website hosting. Webeden offers a free website builder option for beginners who are just starting their own websites.
With almost 20 million websites already building using wix, there is no denying that this is a popular alternative when it comes to building free websites. I am sure most of the readers here are similar with Behance, the design community that allows users to showcase their design work. If you want to set a personal website for free, then snappage provide a free hosting option that you can use. And although designers love Breezi, the tool is good for anyone who is picky about their site design and wants a lot of flexibility and control. Retro Arcade Game MakerMake your own 8-bit side-scrolling arcade games with stories and RPG elements. Multiplayer Game CreatorDesign and publish real-time multiplayer games and play online with friends!
Physics Puzzle Game MakerBuild tumbling, toppling physics puzzlers, interactive stories or games with your own graphics. 3d Sci-fi Action Game MakerCreate levels for this intense pseudo-3d action game with stunning graphics. Platformer Game MakerMake awesome adventure games with hundreds of unique platforming elements.
Classic Space ShooterMake fast-paced space shooting games with intricate geometric level designs. You can embed your games on your facebook or myspace profile, your own web site or send a link to your game by email. To view the content please help us by clicking on one of the social icons, thanks for everything.
It was the purpose of this website to educate people as to the true meaning of what is required to become a full time or part time video game tester for a video game company.

Seeing how I have firsthand knowledge into how to become a real video game tester employee of a video game company, I wanted to use this website as my way to set the record straight and at the same time show off some of the games I have worked on and places I have been, like E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. When I got my start in the video game industry it was the late 1980’s, right around the time that the Atari 2600 & 7800 were on their way out and the Nintendo NES was the newest console on the scene.
I am actually quite proud of myself for having the opportunity of designing some of the “Retro Video Games” as well as testing them. As I said above, I started this website for free and at the same time I received free and easy step-by-step training on how to build it. I found out after joining Wealthy Affiliate that there are many other members who have video game websites too. If you want to build your own website to show off to the world anything and everything video games, in the plugin at the bottom of this page you can type in a domain name of your choosing and see if it is available within the Siterubix website building platform. You will then be sent to the Wealthy Affiliate Build My Website page with a 4 step process, as seen in the picture below.
To Start a Gaming website first you need to buy a Domain name related with gaming and web host.
If you buy hosting from Hostgator you can easily install wordpress in your server with in 2 minutes. After installing wordpress in your server you need to add "MyArcadePlugin Lite" plugin in your installed wordpress. Select  "MyArcadePlugin Lite" plugin from Sidebar of your Wordpress admin area and generate your all games from there. It is not entirely necessarily to have the skills of a web developer to make your own website. You can however always experiment and learn newer ways, which appear with the passage of time and advancement of technology.
Do not place material on the website containing topics which are not trendy, in whatever niche you have chosen. Before you create a website, do a little market research: to determine the sites of competitors and your target audience. Typically, there is a function to customize the look of the site and adding additional features to the display of the website.
Once you’ve copied the code of the game, login to your Iconosites account and select or create a web page to embed the game. Next is to paste the code into the HTML Source Editor and then click Update button after doing so. Obviously games are only relevant to certain types of websites that want to attract that type of audience. I finished adding a couple of games to my front page and I?m not joking but when people come to play they also browse my site and buy my products!
However, there are actually quite a number new free website builders that comes with free website hosting.
Their strength is their huge number of nicely designed themes that are comparable to some of the premium wordpress themes that you need to purchase. You can create your own free website that comes with free website hosting that you don’t have to spend a single cent. The funny thing I noticed was that webeden and moonfruit has the same themes so I am not sure what is the relationship there.
The designs are fine although they might not be as beautiful as the top few highlighted above. Just to clarify, we do offer an entirely free plan in addition to the Test Drive you mentioned. Many of these websites that claim they can get you a job as a tester are nothing more than a membership driven database of names and email addresses that may get you a 1 or 2 day stint doing beta or focus group testing which doesn’t pay much and cannot be considered as an actual video game testing job.

I joined the #1 Rated online training and entrepreneurial community known as Wealthy Affiliate.
Many are of reviews of games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Mario World, and other Retro Games.
If it is available and you truly want to build a free website, click “Build It Now” and you will be taken to the SiteRubix home page where you will click the “Build My Free Website!” button.
No programming or coding of any kind is required and you need no credit card or bank information to become a Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate. Though the original premise of this website was about what is really required to be a video game tester, I also have a platform to share my ideas and memories of my experiences with video games. You can just use ready-made templates and free hosting to make your website in only a few minutes. These services allow new bloggers to create a free website so that there is no financial risk to them. I think this is a good way for people to testdrive the software and see if it is something that you like. So if you are thinking of making a website to sell things, this is a good option to choose from.
Thanks Chris!)It gives designers more control to fine tune how their website will look like.
The service says it is you can setup a free website but you need to pay when you want to publish it live. However, this is still a nice option to consider who wants a no frills service with good looking templates.
Make your own arcade games, platformer games, spaceship shooters, or space adventure games. It is here that I learned everything I needed to know, and then some, on how to build a website without the knowledge of any type of programming (the website builder does all the programming for you), how to get my webpages and posts indexed and ranked in Google and the other search engines, how to do keyword research and use many free plugins.
There are also websites on new games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and on game consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 & Xbox One.
That button click will bring up the Create an Account pop up, as seen in the picture below. In Step 2 you give a name to your website which should be a grammatically correct name of your chosen domain name or whatever your website is going to be about. However, you should keep in mind that sites hosted on free hosting service have limited functionalities. Of course, most of these new websites services do not have nice themes from a design point of view. Seems like an interesting model but not sure how it will fare against the free ones I have highlighted above. I am waiting for the day when someone designs a small little game and puts it on their website so others can play it and post scores to it. All you need to provide is your first and last name, a valid email address, a username and login password. In Step 3 you will select a theme which is the overall look of what your website could look like once you are finished uploading images and adding your content.
Then in Step 4 you click the blue button that says “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!” and within 30 seconds your website will be built along with installed plugins.

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