A sidebar to the left will appear giving you the available options for your particular theme. If your theme does not have this option, you may have to scroll to the bottom and click Add a page and then click the drop-down menu and select Redirect to add a link. Where you see Edit theme on your website while logged in, others see buttons promoting Tumblr and prompting them to follow you on Tumblr. Though totally optionally, you can easily get rid of this not-so-lovely eyesore, making your site appear more clean and professionally done. Nowadays everything goes online, we buy online, if we are hungry then we get our food by online order.
Today we are going to talk about How to Make Easy Checkout Process in E commerce Website. Because the easy checkout process makes your website more user friendly, and user also loves your website because they found no trouble while buying the product from your website.
Compatible: Your extension is most compatible with all other installed extensions, plugin and template, So that it never cause any problem in the future.
Support All Payment Methods: Your extension must support all payment methods, like credit, debit, Paypal etc.
Support all Languages: Your extension should support all languages according to all countries.
One Page Checkout extension combines all checkout pages into a single page and reduce time while buying the things online.
We hope that this article help you a lot, if you have any suggestion regarding, How to Make Easy Checkout Process in E commerce Website, then you can ask in the comment box. You now have a lovely URL and are starting to imagine all the kinds of exciting content you can have on your website, from a a top ten list of your favourite humming birds to a shop selling your hand knitted Christmas jumpers.
Well to get this up and running you need to find some space on the web to host all this info, and you can do this a number of ways. To get running on your own domain it’s worth checking out which website hosting options meet your requirements.
THe CMS system you use is essentially a hi-tech version of Microsoft Word, where you input and alter text, upload images and video files and put in links to content on the web.
There are a variety of wild and wonderful services out there which provide you with a way to publish your work, and I’m going to look at four of the most common ones, and let you decide for yourself which one is suitable for you. The differences lie in the back end of these systems, and this would be how easy it it to maneuver around their user panels. So you now have your domain name, you hosting platform and your CMS service set up- but how do you sync them all together? Some hosts may require you to transfer your domain name by using an FTP service, which is very simple to use. If you’re creating a commercial site you want to look for secure add ons such as PayPal functionality and security settings. I’ll be featuring some ten best galleries for all these sites quite soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Zara Rabinowicz edits Shiny Shiny has finally set up her own website after months of faffing around.
This can normally be easily done through their integrated hosting services, which should take you through the process step by step. Although having a website is an essential part of any business, it’s not good enough just having any old website; your website needs to be working for you and bringing in more customers.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is an essential part of getting your website noticed on a search engine such as Google.
You have just a few seconds to impress anyone that visits your website – so make those seconds count with a well designed and engaging website. The addition of videos, audio, sliders and galleries will make your website interesting for visitors.
Make sure visitors click on your website by effective use of images and video to make it stand out from the crowd. Visitors are likely to spend more time on your website if they feel there is a human connection. By following our top tips on improving your business’ website, you could look forward to attracting more visitors and selling more of your products and services, which will all help to grow your small business into a profitable one.
Though options vary from theme to theme, most have places for you to include links in the menu. To get rid of it, click Edit theme again as seen in the first image of this section, a side bar will appear: scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced options. Share it with a creative friend and get more of our articles delivered straight to your newsfeed by liking us on Facebook. For this we use one page checkout extension in the website which help us make easy checkout process. We have many one page checkout extension for this, but one of the Best One Page Checkout For VirtueMart is VMCheckout, because it is the Cheapest One Page Checkout Extension For VirtueMart and also have all features which is necessary for any easy checkout process. Do you want a site that’s a personal blog, where you just update it occasionally with images and ramblings on topics of your choice? They are also called the URL (Unique Resource locator) and sits across the top of the screen, with www in front of the name. It’s not impossible to find free hosting, but this does come at a price- usually advertisements and unwanted banners on your site. Do you want to make a one off payment for the year- or would you rather pay monthly- which means it will be easier to get out of. Some people love how simple Blogger is to use, whilst other people enjoy the variety of widgets such as RSS trackers and Twitter feeds that are built into WordPress.
The internet hold a wide variety of attractive templates for you to use, and loads of them are free! A word of warning though- using a free template means LOTS of other people will have it as well, so if you need something very original you may want to have it custom made for you. Without it, your website could rank too far down on the search list for anyone to actually find it, no matter how awesome your products, services, or website is. As a guide, if it was easy to find their website and are impressed with their past work, they could soon do wonders for your business’ visibility online. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and interesting, both visually and with well-written content, to keep a visitor engaged long enough to view your products and services. All too often websites appear stark and unfriendly, so write the copy for your website as if you were speaking directly to your customers. After all, if you mess up too much, you can always re-install the theme and start over again.

While Tumblr allows you to add as many tags to your post as you like, keep in mind that only the first five tags are actually searchable. Today we are going to discuss some points which are necessary for all the easy checkout process for every e commerce website. Or would you rather have a professional looking site which will act as an online portfolio to show off your talents? If you use free hosting you’ll also be limited to using their page designs and might not have a huge amount of autonomy when designing a page. Check that they provide a helpdesk which is email accessible instead of being an expensive phone call away, that you get FTP accounts built in, and make sure you get a couple of sub domains– these will be really useful when your site gets larger, as well as letting you back up your data. I realize I’ve already talked a little about the first two, and this is because some of the CMS systems do a LOT of different things. Moveable Type is often used by professional companies and Typepad is a great service, but does require a monthly fee.
You may have been sent an email with php and MySQL information, but try not to worry about what those words mean to much and concentrate on making sure your site is landed properly.
All the content systems come with basic template layouts for your site, but often you’re looking at a one column pony in a boring blue.
Decide if you’d like one, two or three columns and then a random Google search should bring up a variety of options. One CD will take you through the whole process, from registering a domain name (for free), to designing and creating your site. The old saying ‘buy cheap pay twice’ also applies to web design – a cheaply made website may end up costing you dearly with fewer visitors, and therefore fewer customers. In addition, let your visitors know who you are, where you are, how you started your business, and also include snippets about your hobbies and aspirations.
I like 123-reg and Who Is for buying domain name as they’re very easy to navigate and allow you to purchase via PayPal!
Good free hosts are WordPress and Blogger; but these do have limitations such as one database for your files, and of course the frustrating URL with their tag in it. For instance on Blogger you can get a free .blogspot domain name, host your site there AND publish to it using Blogger, all for free. When that has been uploaded successfully you simply use your chosen CMS system to upload content after making sure you’ve added all the necessary info in their database- something that should be easy as all hosts will send out an email with the codes you need.
I like ones that are widget enabled which let you add a variety for features to the design such as tag clouds and galleries, but decide what works best for you. They don’t have the most attractive designs, and customization is limited, but for ease of use you can’t fault it- and the packages start at ?20!

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