Once or twice a week I like to come up with articles that really expose my viewers to the various types of tutorials that they need to get their latest design projects off the ground. The company I work for uses indesign and I really hope they switch to photoshop soon because you everyone knows slicing with indesign is a nightmare.
A back to basic article for those who are here looking for photoshop tutorials for beginners. Now you can save and close your PSD file and start to prepare your images by resizing them.
Either resize the images directly by going to Image > Image Size and type in the dimensions and resolution in the appropriate fields.
Or, if you would like to use only a portion, or detail, of your start image, create a new file with the correct dimensions and resolution and copy and paste your image into it.
A collage tells a story or shows different aspects of the same theme, therefor it is a good idea to choose images that have something in common, either theme, color scheme or both.
And last, but not least, don’t be afraid to break the rules and start to think out of the box. After you have added all your images into the collage, go to View > Extras and remove the hook beside it. The trick to display images on the web successfully, is to find the right balance between quality and size. As you were patient and have read so far, here three bonus cheat sheets with different cell arrangements, to give you some more ideas on how to arrange images in a collage. I have rounded up an amazing collection of high quality tutorials on how to make websites in Adobe Photoshop.
Specifically, we will talked about making a collage in photoshop, which will be useful for anyone looking to make a nice calender design, a personalised birthday or a scrapebook for your holidays. The collage above was created with Photoshop CS, but the following tutorial will work with every image editing program that supports layers. The next screenshot shows you the dimensions for each cell, if you chose a different document size, or number of cells, you can find out the respective values with help of the rulers. Before I go into, how to combine images and grid, here some tips for a successful image selection and also some adjustment tips.

Don’t use all the time the same perspective, as this can make your collage looking flat. This makes the guidelines disappear and you can check the image and see if you are happy with its look. Clean Style Portfolio LayoutA step-by-step Photoshop web design layout tutorial using basic techniques.2. In this post, you’ll find everything from Creating an Elegant Portfolio Web Design in Photoshop to Designing a Custom YouTube Background. If you followed this tutorial step by step, here another screenshot that gives you the values. In case you want to change the grid color, simply click on the layer you have created in the beginning and fill with a different color, gradient, or even a background texture, until you are happy with the end result. One question, if my blog is less that 600×600 px, can I save one of your templates to a smaller size? Clean Blog Layout in PhotoshopLearn how to make a dark-themed blog design layout in this Photoshop tutorial.3. If you are looking for a great source of inspiration, this compilation of web design tutorials is a must see. Save for a last time as a PSD file and save it also under a different name, just to be sure. Create a Portfolio Web Layout in PhotoshopDiscover how to use patterns in website layouts through this Photoshop tutorial.4. Move your cursor over one of the rulers and drag and drop the line to the following positions: 200 and 400, both vertical and horizontal. And, as the last step go to File > Save for Web, the preview window will show you how the saved image will look like with different settings.
How to Make a Vibrant Portfolio Web Design in PhotoshopThis Photoshop tutorial uses 960 Grid System for laying out the web page.5. Create an Elegant Photography Web Layout in PhotoshopThis simple tutorial shows you how to apply background textures in your web designs.6. Now do the same again, positioning a guideline 5px before and after each of the guidelines you have created previously.

BTW, you don’t need to add the dimensions in each field, that is just done to illustrate this tutorial better. Photo Gallery Website Layout in PhotoshopLearn to make a dark-themed photo gallery via this excellent Photoshop tutorial.7. How to Build a Stylish Portfolio Web Design ConceptLearn techniques for creating elegant web designs in Photoshop through this tutorial.9.
Create a Modern Lab Theme Web Design in PhotoshopThis tutorial will show you design techniques for making slick web layouts.10.
How to Create a Sleek Grid Based Website DesignFrom paper to Photoshop, learn how to lay out a web design on a grid.12. How to Create a Vintage Photoshop Website LayoutMake a stylish vintage-themed design by reading this awesome Photoshop tutorial.13. Create a Simple Clean Portfolio Layout in PhotoshopThis Photoshop layout tutorial is perfect for portfolio sites as well as web app sites.14. Design a Clean and Colorful Ecommerce Layout in PhotoshopThis tutorial will walk you through the creation of an e-store product page design.16. Design a Sleek Mobile App WebsiteCreate a simple dark-themed web design layout using basic Photoshop techniques.18. Design a Warm, Cheerful Website Interface in Adobe PhotoshopThis superb web layout tutorial has a PSD to HTML conversion follow-up.19.
How to Create a WordPress Theme in PhotoshopLearn to make a simple blog layout using Photoshop.21. Design a Bold and Vibrant PortfolioThis web layout tutorial walks you through the creation of a colorful portfolio site.22. How to Create a Colorful Business Web LayoutThis Photoshop tutorial will demonstrate how to incorporate icons in your web designs.25.

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