With Dreamweaver, you can build a simple and professional website your own, without knowing HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. Using Rollover Buttons & Images is one of the most common web design ideas adapted by designers the world over because of its simplicity.
This tutorial will show you how to create a basic, intuitive form to allow visitors to your site to join your mailing list, place an order, provide feedback, complete a survey—and how you can collect that data without messing with server scripting or online databases. In this tutorial you will learn how to define a site, make a Dreamweaver template, define editable regions, and make Library Items.

This tutorial show you how to use Dreamweaver to embed a video clip into your own web page, presented with your own customized display skin, and surrounded by your own content.
Dreamweaver already build it market place, the top leading tool in web development application. Creating Rollover buttons or images using Adobe Fireworks or Adobe Dreamweaver is very easy. Using template and libraries also makes it easy to maintain your Web site, since you can redesign your site and change hundreds of pages in seconds.

Dreamweaver is not just for web designer and web developer but also for non-IT background people.

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