Step1: To make multi level drop down menu in CSS on your site copy the dropdown menu code from below and paste onto your site. Step3: Change the anchor text and links in the multi level drop down menu to what applies to your site.
If you need to match colours on your site for your vertical menu then use the instant eyedropper. Free domain included or add a domain you own - Install WordPress in a few clicks - Great support team. The menu has one sub category that appears once the parent link is activated by hovering over it.
As the default styles of the browsers differ from each other, we’ll add some reset styles to keep consistency between them and avoid future issues.
Then we will add some basic styles to the menu container and float the list items to the left in order to show them on the same line.
The styles for the submit input are similar to the text input, we’ll only set a fixed width and height, add a background icon and rounded corners using the border-radius property.
To show the dropdowns on hover we need to set the opacity to 1 and the visibility and overflow properties to visible. Remember as a kid getting one of those little plastic toy mazes as a cheap prize at a birthday party?
In this post, I'll cover the reasons why in most cases, you should trash that on-hover navigation from your website just like you trashed that 5 cent plastic toy. Not only is that the title of Steve Krug's excellent book on web usability, but it also applies to the design of the navigation for your website. For example, how often have you visited a site where you hover your mouse over the first menu element and sub-elements appear.
So unless you want to play games with your site visitors, why do I keep seeing these narrow, elongated submenus where you have to exactly follow it with your mouse to get to the last submenu item? It's pretty obvious that you shouldn't require your site visitors to perform dexterity tricks to get to your content.
In researching the subject, I was lucky to find a perfect bad example of an on-hover navigation menu.
I had to cut off that last submenu, because it was so long it scrolled past the edge of my screen.
Below this, they also listed some "features" which actually are reasons why you DON'T want to use this type of navigation code.
The Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc, search engine spiders visiting your website to make it searchable are not able to navigate across JavaScript-created menus. This was demonstrated in an oft-quoted supermarket experiment conducted by economists Mark Lepper and Sheena Iyengar.
This seems to indicate that when faced with too many choices, we choose not to choose at all, or at least get diverted from the primary task at hand.

Would all those secondary navigation items work as links in my site's footer section instead? Would an accordion-type navigation be more appropriate where submenus stay on the screen until a menu item is clicked?
If you find that your site's content and workflow indicates that drop-down menus would be appropriate, here are some best-practices to consider to ensure a good user experience with your navigation. For maximum compatibility, ensure that all menu items are text-based links of actual text and not images (which search engines can't read). Using large two-dimensional drop-down panels can be effective in presenting a site visitor multiple navigation options.
Lastly, it's really simple to perform at least some basic usability testing of your navigation. If you've encountered particularly poor or particularly well done drop down menus, please add a comment to this post with the site's url. If you'd like me to evaluate your navigation, check out the Free Website Evaluation offer we have going on our website.
References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. If you have been looking for a vertical menu that is multi level you found the right place.
When you hover over the main menu a sub menu will pop out, you do not have to have a sub menu on each main menu.
You can now start to change the appearance of the menu to your colour scheme using the menu CSS code, see below how to change colours, text size, menu width and lots more in the menu CSS tutorial. It can select any colour from your screen and copies the hex colour code to the clip board for you to paste in your menu CSS code. To finish the menu links styling we will add rounded corners to the first link using the :first-child pseudo selector and remove the left border. We have also set transitions for both inputs in order to have some smooth and nice animations. We will start by setting the position to absolute, width to 100%, display to block and the top and left values.
By "on-hover" I mean those websites where you float your mouse over a menu item, and submenus appear for you to select from. And, if your mouse falls outside the submenu, it disappears (or a different menu appears) and you need to start again at the beginning. Typically, when encountering a tab menu, you expect the content below the tab area to display what was promised by the tab label. Almost all mobile devices do not support the "onmouseover" event that triggers these hovering submenus to appear. Search engine spiders cannot follow flash-based menus, and many users are beginning to block Flash altogether by default.

In this experiment, they set up two tables in a supermarket to allow the shoppers to sample and purchase different flavors of jam. Note that the item labeled "even more »" does not open another submenu, but instead opens a new page with multiple links display the additional options.
Very simple top-level navigation does not interfere with the site visitor getting straight to the news. Simply observe a test subject's behavior when prompted to perform a given task on your website. Today you can find a nice compilation of 20 Drop Down Menu Tutorials that will teach you how to create menu design elements with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
The vertical menu can be easily customized, change the menu text, border and background colours and lots more from the drop down menu CSS code giving you full control of the look. Basically, they were not fun at all because even with excellent manual dexterity, you couldn't make the ball go where you wanted because of the poor manufacturing quality.
I'm three levels deep and I still don't know which versions of Internet Explorer are supported.
If the user frequently selects the wrong item, or takes a longer than expected time to complete the task, it may be time to revisit and simplify your navigation.
You’re more than welcome to bookmark this post and use these tuts for your future projects.No one will argue that a well-structured, visually appealing menu adds beauty to the overall design and feel.
There is a javascript that is used by the multi level vertical menu for the sub menu part of the menu. Follow this tutorial to see the step by step process of building your own pure CSS drop down menu. The drop down menu background colours, width, text size, text colours and more can all be changed in the CSS part of the code.
Replace our sample menu titles and sub menu titles with your own also change the drop down menu links to the links on your site. This horizontal menu is super fast loading as text colours and background colours are done from the CSS code. Note that we set the same property five times, this is required because this property is not fully implemented in all browsers yet, and as this property is on testing, all the different browsers use a prefix before the property.
All you have to do is copy the drop down menu code to your site and create a design and style using the drop down menu CSS. If you know how you can copy the Java-script code and host it on your site or use our drop down menu Java-Script code.

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