It Super Gift Place It Super Team Provide a Platform for all user to get free premium or purchased tool. No affair what kind of computing device you’ve got, or what the foremost necessary intent of that web site is, the time it profits in your grounds and pages to position could be a very important and selecting advisor for your success. Take an importance of how to make your wordpress site blazing fast and think about your own behavior once surfboarding the net. Web page expedition directly influences every potential look of your web site and, for this reason, it additionally in some way influence for your manufacturer performance. Specific temporary that stroll you step-with the help of-step through the currents of helpful plugins that result in giant pace raises. Two eBooks, in the midst of approach of checklists and tools, that equip you with everything you necessity to sort bound your computing device is unhazardous and comfortable. Get your web site the maximum amount as expedition and live life among the speedy ways by means that of enrolling during this orbit today! Facebook is a mean ole bully and often changes the way that it operates suddenly and without warning. The Open Graph Protocol is a particular set of meta data – that is, information about your site, that goes into the code of your site. You simply enter a URL in there and it will tell you what information Facebook can see about your site. After you make any changes to your site and you want to test them,  make sure to run the site through the debugger before checking it on Facebook again. If these aren’t present in your page Facebook will just pick up any info it can find, which, when it comes to images, is not usually the one you intended.
If you use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin, you can enable Open Graph in the social section. The most recent version of this plugin added a new feature called Social Meta which has some really cool controls for handling images and other social info. You have to go into the Feature Manager tab and activate the Social Meta module. It gives you a pretty thorough set of options to specify your Open Graph information including a really cool way to set up a default for image handling. As with the Yoast plugin, you’ll now find a Social tab on the individual post as well.
The free version of Social SEO Booster includes enough features to get your site looking good on Facebook. Similar to Yoast and AIOSEO it gives you a panel on every post where you can specify the image, title and description that you want to use on Facebook. If you have Jetpack installed, it will add open graph tags automatically UNLESS you also have Yoast installed in which case Yoast takes precedence.
I've tryed wordpress seo using the fb image upload but still I have the same problem with this option. Your theme might be resizing the featured image, but if you use the Social tab in WordPress SEO for the full size image it should work. I've tryed the WordPress SEO social tab and uploaded the full size image but still it resulted in the share format that you see in the above url. Is there a setting in WP when people shares a post from my website to their timeline to display a large image of my post?
You want to make a Spanish version to sell your products or services in other parts of the world or a Russian version for russian customers.
In this article, I’d like to guide you through the different options available to have a multilanguage WordPress site. Speed – How can you provide a good user experience without decreasing the speed of the application? Linking – Does each post or page always have a translation and do they need to be linked to each other? User profile – Are you a website owner, a freelance translator or a language service provider? Since WordPress 4.1 you can change your site language (and install new languages) from the WordPress dashboard. Before starting a multilingual WordPress site is highly recommended choosing a multilingual theme already translated into other languages.
Also you should implement a multilingual SEO strategy for search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex –Russia- or Baidu –China-).
Google Language Translator is a plugin that can be used only for automatic machine translations. Transposh is a free plugin that allows automatic translations, but with the advantage that it allows you to combine automatic translation with human translation. 82 languages are automatically translated and can be corrected with ease. Automatic machine translations performed are not very accurate so it’s recommended to make manual corrections. Conclusion: a great option that it allows you to combine machine translation with manual translation. If you are looking for a professional solution for automatic translation Ajax Translator Revolution is probably the best option. Conclusion: the most popular free multilingual plugin, but not the best (in my opinion, of course). You can translate posts, pages, widgets, categories, tags, media, menus, custom post types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts and all default WordPress widgets are supported. Sometimes free WordPress plugins just don’t offer what you are looking: frequent updates, technical support, the functionality or the look. WPML has the support of a company and a team of professional developers, which overcomes the disadvantages of previous free plugins (qTranslate and Polylang).
It is a commercial plugin that costs $29 on the Multilingual Blog version (annual renewal costs $15) and $79 on Multilingual CMS version (annual renewal costs $39). Create additional tables in the database can sometimes slow the admin panel but not your website. Conclusion: the best plugin to build a multilingual site in a standalone WordPress environment. The main advantage over the WPML plugin is that WordPress will be native in every language. It’s an excellent option for large and complex sites, offering minor compatibility issues without additional costs. Once installed, every time you make an adjustment (themes, plugins, menus, widgets, etc) you must port it to all the websites. Also, keep in mind that some plugins an themes do not work properly on Multisite installations. Managing translation of content is more laborious because it’s easy to lose track of the contents which have been translated or no.
In this option, you only need to insert a language switcher into the header to being redirected to the homepage when switching from one language to another.

You can translate and link posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies. You can translate everything: posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags, taxonomies, etc. Multilingual Press allows you connect multiple sites as language alternatives in a multisite and use a customizable widget to link to all sites. It will allow you to view the translations for each post (or page) underneath the post editor. You can edit all translations for a post from the original post editor without the need to switch sites. The most common way to make a multilingual website is installing a translation plugin in your WordPress theme. The best option I’ve found is AitThemes Club, first multilingual themes on the market (according to them).
All parts of the theme, back-end and front-end are already translated to over 18 languages. Conclusion: an excellent option to create a multilanguage WordPress site without using third party plugins. A translation proxy works as a layer on top of your site allowing you to manage translated content in the cloud. Once the translation of your WordPress is done, Easyling for WordPress plugin automatically downloads your translations from Easyling, and presents it to your visitors using domains, subdomains or subdirectories.
As you can see, there is no a better or worse solution to have your blog or WordPress site in two or more languages.
If you don’t need to link posts and pages, then go Multisite (no need to use plugins). If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for you, don’t use automated translation.
Once you’ve already decided what plugin or solution you will use to translate your WordPress website, you’ll probably need professional translators. About the AuthorIrena is the creator of the blog WPLANG (WordPress Multilingual) and a professional specialized in website localization.
Hi, I’m currently the lead developer for Multilingual Press, a plugin to manage multilingual websites on a multisite. Ease of use is (after the improved performance) the most mentioned benefit our customers report. Managing translation of content is more laborious because it?s easy to lose track of the contents which have been translated or no. In our pro version, you can write all translations for a post on the same page, and there is a dashboard widget for missing translations of all posts. Another benefit of the multisite solutions: you can try different plugins easily, because all content is still accessible when you turn off the multilingual plugin.
Anyway, I haven?t tested the Multilingual Press pro version (only the free version), so I have not much to say, but I’m sure you?re continuously improving the plugin and I’m sure it?s a great option too. I have helped clients build multi-language sites, by simply creating 2 wordpress sites and link the navigation back and forth.
Yes, It?s a solution but the problem is that you?re redirected to the homepage every time you click on the flag icon. I must say, your overall post is well structured, with great content and a pleasure to read. The solution to being redirected to the same page in the language you prefer, is to add a php snippet in your headers.php file that will actually redirect the wp post id to the specific translated post id.
You must have visited hundreds of international websites that are originally built in some other language but still stand right to serve you in your language too. After reading the title, you must be thinking what possibly could be the need of transferring the comments from one post to another. It is always easier to remember URLs that have very less and no number, also if it has some text then it makes sense.
Quicker mission instances were shown to enhance and enhance occupation rankings, healthy web site guests, page views, conversions, selfish person complexness and lands sales. Both Facebook and Google Plus look for this meta data in order to learn about your website. The debugger lets you see any error messages that Facebook generates as well as the info they are picking up. Facebook caches information on your site, so you need to refresh their cache by using this tool, otherwise you may not see the latest version of the info you have implemented and will want to unnecessarily throw your computer off the balcony. Be aware that not only do you need this implemented on a post-by-post  and page-by-page basis, but also for the homepage of your site – this is especially important if you have blog posts on your homepage. This last feature is really the one that sets it apart from the other plugins I mention below and makes it the most thorough solution.
You can choose, for example, whether the default should be the featured image, the first image in the post, a custom field etc. So you can either choose to use the same SEO title and description or you can specify different info for Facebook.
While Yoast gives all images in a post their own tag, which allows the user to choose which one to use when posting on Facebook, Jetpack only picks up the featured image, unless there is no featured image, then it will use any and all images from inside the post.
They used to be mostly square images or close to it, but now they are featuring much larger images in the news feed when you post a link, so currently images that are more horizontally oriented will look the best. Whether you are just getting started or want to take your skills to the next level, I'll give you the customized training you need.
Unfortunately, I've tryed everything you mention on your post but still I have some issues when sharing my posts to fb. Remember that Facebook caches information, so if you make any changes to the post, run the url through the debugger to make Facebook get the latest info. I have 2 plugins which are Social SEO Booster and All in one SEO pack, but yet to no avail my featured image is still not showing.
It looks like you have both plugins duplicating some information, at least on your homepage, which is probably confusing Facebook. This means that you need to add multilingual functionality through a translation plugin, creating a WordPress Multisite installation or using a translation proxy. If you have a look at the WordPress Plugin Directory for a list of multilingual Plugins you’ll find many options. This free plugin allows you to insert the Google Language Translator tool onto your website using shortcode. You don’t need to perform the costly task of translating your website or hire a translator. You can translate everything or exclude sections from the web pages, pages, posts and categories.

The users give to this plugin a high score (4,8 out of 5), which gives an idea of the quality of this plugin.
If the developer doesn’t find the time to keep the plugin up-to-date, you could find your multilingual web site incompatible with WordPress. With WPML you can translate every element of your website and easily configure domains, subdomains and subdirectories into multiple languages. WPML lets you do SEO for each language separately with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin or other SEO plugins (Article: Using WordPress SEO by Yoast with WPML). The plugin lets you build and run multilingual e-commerce sites with WooCommerce (LIST of Multilingual Ready Themes). The main advantage is that it’s native, using WordPress core functionality, so it’s safe and free to use. If there are just two languages that’s not a big deal, but with three or more it can be a big problem.
This plugin enables you to manage translations of posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies. It provides a language switcher to switch between the translations of pages, posts, custom types, categories and taxonomies.
However, recently have appeared WordPress themes that come with an integrated multilingual system.
No additional translated website version is created because the translation proxy works as a layer: it removes the original text from the site and inserts the translated text on the fly. Works as a layer on top of existing site and translators can view their translation on site in real time and adapt text if needed. You pay for word count ($1,2 per thousand pages) and for the translation tool ($2,4 per thousand unique source words and $12 per thousand translated unique source words). It depends on many factors: functionality, price, machine or human translations, ease to manage, technical support, SEO, etc.
If you have a large site, use Multisite (Multilingual Press, Zanto or Multisite Language Switcher). However if you want to use automatic translations, Ajax Revolution Translator is the best choice since allows you also make your own translations.
If I do not have much budget you can find a translator on Fiverr, a global online marketplace offering services (including translation services), beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed (from which it gets its name).
Language specific themes, plugins and settings are much easier to set up in a multisite, and we are improving our user interface with every version.
This includes all posts (any post type), taxonomies, attachments – and settings: active plugins, theme options and so on. I too have done alot of research when setting up multiple multi-language sites and wish that i found this post earlier.
Tools like Poedit (which you can use for free), plugins like Codestyling Localization or Poeditor let you translate text strings in your WordPress files, but not your content (posts, pages, etc.). To clear all of your thoughts, let me tell you how transferring the comments are needed and useful. You must’ve often shared the posts that you put up on your WordPress to the social media websites YOURSELF.
We never like those URLs which have a whole lot of numbers which seems that it is like an alphanumeric code not a URL. Web page pace is taken into poster as a rating broker in Google’s rule for electronic computer and cell sites.
How to make your wordpress site blazing fast briefly, a speedy premises attracts additional customer and has them residue with a smile, and what equals additional shoppers UN agency area unit additional convinced? If it’s not detecting what you thought it should, you then need to check implementation on your site. You can specify a different description for use on Facebook by clicking in the Social tab on each post. This setting can be over-ridden on any individual post making this implementation probably the most flexible of all the plugins here.
There is also a paid version with a lot more built in, but for Facebook, the free version works well.
During the last update of Facebook, if you do not have image wider atleast 600PX then it will look bad on the Facebook Feed. They used to show all my thumbnails, but now they really hit me LOL… hopefully i'll find an answer soon! I know that WordPress is liberating when you know how to use it, and bewildering when you don’t. In this post I show the best options to create a WordPress website in two or more languages, using automatic machine translations or human translations.
What to do in these cases is prevent these translations from being indexed using the robots.txt file and allowing users to request the translation via a widget. A total of 63 languages are supported for automatic translation and your site will be translated instantly upon installation. For example, you may want to link the translated content in different languages, to avoid being redirected to the homepage when switching from one language to another. You can copy everything: Posts, pages,  settings for plugins, themes, navigation menus, categories, tags, custom taxonomies and attachments.
Then you can do the translation yourself using live editing or export as an XLIFF file and use your favourite CAT tool.
I?ve used multisite solution twice with multilingual websites (one year ago), and I have to say that makes everything harder to manage due to the added complexity of having to setup the same themes and plugins for each site. Well, in step with up so far stories it would be as very little as two seconds, with a highest of 4 seconds for the additional indulgent. Although it offers a field for a Google Plus description, that doesn’t actually seem to work. With the tips you provided I'm sure my wordpress site will look outstanding on Facebook.
The individual sites are virtual sites in the sense that they do not have their own directories on your server, although they do have separate directories for media uploads, and they do have separate tables in the database. Generic tutorials and videos only go so far - when you need specialized knowledge, or a real person to answer your questions, that's where I come in. I help non-techies understand and use the web to empower their personal or business mission.

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