Apartment dwellers rarely have enough storage space which is why decorative storage boxes are so popular. Samantha Baldwin of the NY Examiner made these great paired storage boxes using recycled cardboard boxes and some leftover blueprints she found discarded at work. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
Nowadays, many of 3D modeling software such as Rebit and Google Sketch Up make our design process not only faster and easier, but also accomplish some complicated works. A lot of tools we use in this project can be very dangerous such as X-acto Knife and Glue gun. Choose one scale from your architectural scale and it decides how big your actual model is. Sometimes, color papers and other materials such as plastic sheet and plywood will able to beautifully decorate your model instead of just made out of white foam board or chip board. Amalgam provides architectural model making services and custom-made scale models for architects, engineers, maritime, aerospace and transport designers, industrial designers and museums.

We can offer advice on a range of issues relating to the design of an architectural model, especially material choices.
Using architectural modelmaking processes we have provided a number of models to the oil and gas industry, including the Large Chemical Injector. But instead of purchasing expensive but oh-so-useful storage boxes, consider making your own from recycled cardboard boxes and old architectural blueprints, wrapping paper or extra fabric. Samantha advocates blueprint paper because it's big, sturdy and already has an interesting design on it. You might find blueprints in your design or maintenance departments at your workplace or friends in the design or construction business.
Find a Box: Take a relatively small and sturdy box that will accommodate what it is you want to store. We use the best blend of technology and traditional skills to produce exactly the right architectural model for your purpose, whether masterplan, competition model, landscaping or bus shelter.
Such decisions can be particularly important on small scale proposal models where space is a premium, or on abstract competition models where design features and ideas can be communicated in unconventional ways.

These architectural models tend towards being eye-catching, abstract, highly conceptual or purely fantastic. Some of the more elaborate architectural models we have made include the Foster + Partners Yongsan Development.
Follow the remaining tracing directions on the Examiner Web page until you have a large plus sign of sorts with tabs.3. Create a Cover for the Box: Using the same method as creating the cover for the box, create a cover for the lid.

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