Ayers Rock has been backed into 2015 Ladbrokes Caulfield Classic odds of $15 and trainer Shawn Mathrick is confident that the promising colt can make it two wins on the trot in the Group 1 event at Caulfield on Saturday.
Ayers Rock led from start to finish to take out the UCI Stakes and he will have the chance to make it back-to-back wins in the Ladbrokes Caulfield Classic.
Ayers Rock recorded his maiden race win when he led from start to finish to record a dominant three lengths win at Mildura on August 3 and he produced a slightly flat effort at Sandown on September 2 before he was only narrowly denied by Celtic Tiger in the Listed Morphettville Guineas (1600m) in Adelaide on September 12.
The Nicconi colt went into the Listed UCI Stakes (1800m) at Flemington on October 4 as a $17 chance, but he took up the running in the early stages of the race before he kicked away from his rivals to record an impressive win.
Mathrick believes that Ayers Rock has taken plenty of improvement from the UCI Stakes and he is confident that his star galloper is ready to run another big race in the 2015 Ladbrokes Caulfield Classic. The Group 1 Victoria Derby (2500m) is the major 2015 Spring Racing Carnival target for Ayers Rock and Mathrick believes that the three-year-old is ticking over nicely for the $1.5 million race that will be held at Flemington on October 31.
While Mathrick believes that Ayers Rock is fit enough to win the Ladbrokes Caulfield Classic, he still does not believe that the progressive galloper is at peak fitness and he will take more improvement into the Victoria Derby.
Ayers Rock is currently available at 2015 Ladbrokes Caulfield Classic odds of $15 and he is on the sixth line of betting behind Sacred Eye ($4), Lizard Island ($5), Tivaci ($6), Ragnaar ($6) and Get The Picture ($8.50). Thomas is a passionate and opinionated racing journalist and punter who has been obsessed with horse racing since he backed Saintly to win the 1996 Melbourne Cup. In form three year old Howard Be Thy Name made it four straight wins with a hard fought victory in the Group 1 $500,000 South Australian Derby (2500m) at Morphettville today. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock is one of Australia’s most famous natural landmarks and magnificent when viewed up close.
If you're looking to experience some of Australia's most amazing coastal scenery, look no further than to the Great Ocean Road. Australians are known for their hospitality and embrace visitors with a friendly atmosphere. Anthony DezenzioInternational Travel ExaminerTony Dezenzio is internationally recognized for capturing the magic world of travel as a writer and photographer.
Use these basic healthy habits to retain the shine, elasticity and vibrancy of your skinKeeping skin healthy can be quite challenging at times. It’s the perfect time of the year to get outside and enjoy great outdoor festivalsMay is a beautiful month in Michigan. Drop your details below and every Wednesday we'll send you a personal email message designed to smash away your fears and move you towards a life of more travel. PLUS, we'll send you a short audio, Get Travelling: a 5 step plan for turning your travel dreams into reality.
Those fears are too easy to listen to, and they can convince you to stay home and ignore your desire to travel. When I was 18 and realized I didn’t need to go on an organized tour, I dragged my best friend to Italy for a week.
Two summers later, I studied abroad in Spain, and even though several people from the group traveled on their own after the program was over, it never occurred to me that I could do that too. I saw one of my closest friends travel alone all the time, but I never considered myself the type of person who could travel solo. I think I was waiting for a friend to volunteer to go with me or for a boyfriend to appear who wanted to travel. There was no reason to postpone my dreams simply because I didn’t have a travel partner. I started by planning a 10 day trip to Greece, and I used a travel agent to help me sort out the details. While sometimes that meant a little extra pressure, it also meant I didn’t have to compromise.
I had fears when I took my first solo trip, and sometimes I still do, but I pushed past those fears and went anyway.
Bio: Ali Garland encourages people to travel, shows them how to plan trips, and helps them overcome their travel-related fears on her site Travel Made Simple. I am working with yltours in Italy to create solo friendly events that a traveler can participate in.

I’ve done solo travel a few times, but generally I only do it for a few weeks at a time. I’m not the most social person either, and it is the first solo trip was a bit tough from that perspective.
An international racing enthusiast, he has his finger on the pulse of racing news not just from Australia but all around the world. The rock is situated in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and is sacred to the Aborigines of the area. Nothing could be further from the truth since Australia is bordered by a wide variety of some 8,222 islands including three of the country's largest islands: Tasmania, Melville Island, and Kangaroo Island.
Stretching for some 151 miles along Australia's southeastern coast, visitors will be treated to one of the world's most scenic coastal drives. A world class professional for over 20 years, his extensive experience with location and outdoor assignments for Editorial, Fashion and Travel have earned him numerous awards. Flowers are blooming everywhere, from Holland, home of the Tulip Time celebration, to Mackinac Island and the Lilac Festival. I took several organized trips to Europe when I was a teenager, which sparked my travel addiction.
So I spent that time traveling within the US, happily using my vacation time to visit friends and family, but never satisfying that desire to see the world.
I figured it was a good way to test out solo travel without having to worry about getting overwhelmed with all the planning.
Without someone else around to share the burden of decision making, I had to rely on myself more than ever before.
I always met other travelers along the way, either at a hostel or on a day trip, or even while trying to figure out public transportation. I figured out how to navigate different transportation systems without knowing the language. Do some research so you know more about the place you’re going to and make plans for at least your first few days to make yourself feel more comfortable. She has been traveling for almost 20 years and made it to all 7 continents before her 30th birthday.
Something else people can do is practice things like sitting alone at a restaurant or going to the movies or going on a walk alone before they even travel.
I’m glad you moved past your guy situation and got out there and traveled on your own! I eased into long-term solo international travel during a trip with friends to Buenos Aires. That could easily work for someone who isn’t traveling long term too by starting a trip with a friend and then spending a few days apart, or doing half the trip together and the other half solo.
I am not extremely social and have a hard time approaching people so I tend to get lonely on longer trips.
But I’ve found over time that I need that social interaction, even if I am more of an introvert, and I just push myself a little harder to talk to people. I’m a Hotel owner in Greece and the last few years we have more and more solo travelers .
Uluru is approximately 1,200 feet above sea level and features an ancient landscape that is rich in Australian native culture and spirituality. Visitors have the option to camp underneath the stars or simply relax at a one-of-a-kind lodge providing guests with plenty of amenities. Tony's work has appeared in German Vogue, German Elle, International Travel Photographer and Thompson Media. But when I finally realized that I hadn’t been out of the country in almost eight years, I was determined to make a change. I realized solo travelers are actually much more approachable than people traveling in pairs or a group. Little things that seemed scary became huge triumphs when I found I really was capable of traveling on my own.

It’s such a wonderful thing to try at least once, and not so scary once you take the leap. I love traveling with my husband now, but traveling on my own is a completely different experience.
Great tips about having the contact info for where you’re staying and your embassy, always important to have! Solo travel is great for getting over a guy too, reminds you of how strong you are on your own.
I stayed longer and went to Mendoza on my own and even stayed in a hostel dorm for the first time. We are a family run resort and us with also with other guests we try to make them feel as a part of our family . I took the plunge and travelled alone and to be honest, it’s the best way to experience a country. It does give you more flexibility to be alone if you want to, or to reach out to other travelers and make new friends if you want some company. The best way to explore and learn about Uluru's ancient traditions is with an Aboriginal guide that knows the area.
The island offers visitors to a variety of excellent outdoor activities that include diving, swimming with dolphins, having fun observing sea dragons or exploring shipwrecks. Experience the wonder of the magnificent 12 Apostles, an assortment of limestone stacks offshore at Port Campbell National Park, magical waterfalls, and iconic surf breaks. It took awhile, but eventually, in the battle between my fears and my wanderlust, travel won. I understand the fear that one may have, but over the time I have realized that one can experience beauty alone and it will still be wonderful.
I love the flexibility I have traveling on my own, and like you said, you experience some really beautiful things along the way.
But the trick is to also remind yourself of that great solo trip you took to Belize, remind yourself how empowering it was, and plan the next trip. Just i wanted to say anywhere you travel don’t be afraid , everybody will come in touch , the only think you have to do is smiling and be always positive .
At times it can get lonely, but at other times you will have the chance to meet and spend time with so many likeminded travellers, that you will then start to long to be alone again! It's easy to understand why someone could spend a few days exploring the region and still not see everything Uluru has to offer.
At the end of the day relax at one of the many fine dining restaurants located along the coast.
I was hoping my bf would want to do it but, he seems to never come around to doing it with me and no friends are really travel fans.
The nice thing about being on your own is you can decide at the last minute if you want to change your plans to hang out with someone else.
Nobody bother why you are single when are you on Holidays just everybody wants to have a nice time . Before you depart, be sure to purchase some of the region's excellent wine from the local wine makers. Or you can decide, nope, this is something I really want to do, I’m not changing my mind for anyone. As far as appreciating things, I think you just experience it differently if you’re solo instead of with someone else.

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