Summary: In today's tutorial on how to make cool bracelets with string, I will show you another really easy DIY friendship bracelet pattern.
1st, find the center locations on two Magenta thread strands and begin to tie Chinese Snake Knots from there.
1st, place the threads onto a flat board and make sure their order and manually number them with the Alphabet L (left) & R (right) and figure 1,2,3,4 as the diagram show.
While handle this easy DIY friendship bracelet, you can either decide to tighten or leave the threads loose with one accord. To sum up, while learning making cool bracelets with string, you can entirely finish them without any other assisted beads or findings.
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For the begin loop portion, you can also use the Square Knot or Larks Head Knot except the Snake Knot; Likewise, for the ending you can decide other knots such as Overhand Knot or any others. Whatever, string bracelet patterns are always versatile and what we need to do it try again and again, and you will find lots of fun after that!

Friendship bands are given to a person by another person in order to show their true feelings and strengthen their friendship. Then they became a fashion accessory and also given on friendship day or can be shared any day. Friendship bracelets are usually made up of handmade material like embroidery floss or thread.

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