Blogger comments are getting developed after launching settings option in blogger dashboard panel. Comment Form Message: Add a message that can motivate readers to leave comments authentic and search engines value. Now every comment will be published very safely and your blog will have zero tolerance to be spammed instantly.
I think i have made tutorial very much comprehensive so that you can apply all these modes to your blogger comments and keep every comment spam free.
If you get tutorial helpful don’t forget to share this on social media also tell your blogger friends about this tip.

ABOUT USThe Wild Blogger is a free resource of tutorials for content marketing system WordPress, Blogger and other CMS software.
Everyday i get lots of comments and they get published safely and spammers can’t harm my content through leaving spam objects.
Unlike wordpress comments blogger comments are not much secured since it’s easy to leave junky spam objects. But fortunately you can stop getting spam comments by setting a little bit you may not know.
Today i’d show you all how to make blogger comments extra protected and reduce tolerance of getting spam objects daily.

I myself get relevant and real comments from real users and i hope you will also get same result like me.

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