Thanks for sharing such a fun project Michelle ~ you did a great job… they’re adorable!! I have made them in red, black and white, and put a Mickey Mouse head I cut out of black felt in the center. If you have a daughter, niece or girlfriend then you already understand the importance of hair and accessories to girls. Heat seal the ends of your 1 ?” grosgrain ribbon with a lighter by moving it across the edges of the ribbon.  This will prevent your ribbon from unraveling.
Make the fourth loop by taking the remaining long tail and forming a loop by coming up and curving.  The other end of the ribbon (tail) should  be at the top and you should have 4 loops. Create a three-fold-crease in the middle of the bow by pushing the top and the bottom together.
Wrap the embroidery floss around the middle of the butterfly loop hair bow twice and tie it off. Optional step: Open the clip up, add some glue to the inside, and place a small strip of gripper on to it.

Place some glue on top of the hair clip and glue the clip onto the butterfly loop hair bow. Place the ribbon down the hair, wrap the ends on top of the head.  Make a knot and tie a bow just like the step above this one. I’m Britt from Charlie’s Halo, and you might remember me from the recent Skinny Headband tutorial. You can purchase the gripping material that is used to line the inside of drawers and cut strips from that. Your floss should be knotted at the end so that it stops when the needle pulls all the way through.
You don’t want the decorative pieces to fall over when you decide to wear your new hair piece outside. Make a larger bow to slide onto the plastic headband and position it towards the side of the head. When the bow is the size you need, use a clip to position your new creation off to the side of the hair.

This time I will teach you how to make cute bottle caps with images on them using epoxy dot stickers. The new hair bow trends include ribbons, oversized flowers and wide cloth bands that can be worn with more than one outfit.
We do have instructions for this particular bow in our Tricks of the Trade Hair Bow Instructions. We have a tutorial for the boutique bows and tons of other ones in our Tricks of the Trade hair bow instructions.
I have been struggling with hot glue and my bottle caps and flatback resin on my fabric bows. A fellow crafter said there was a trick but wouldn’t release what it was, yours was the first blog I found and it had the answer I was looking for.

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