Wintercroft’s broad collection of skull and animal masks is good for Halloween, carnivals, or any other occasion that calls for masks. October 17, 2013 By Summer Scraps 16 Comments These Halloween masks were so fun to make and I am excited to share the tutorial with you today!! Last week when my daughter and I were at Gardner Village there was a shop that had Halloween masks and Adison loved them. Once I decided the paper I wanted I made sure each mask was positioned on the mat one at a time at the right size that I wanted and I cut them out. I know the kids loved them because I had to leave for a few hours and when I came back to take more pictures I couldn’t find them – I finally found them in a few bedrooms! I am so fortunate to be a Cricut Affiliate so I can share cute projects like this and great sales!
Also if you are looking to buy a Cricut Machine you can get the Cricut Mini Cardmaking Set for only $99.99 which includes the Simple Holiday Cards cartridge .
I think these masks are fun for the kids to play with but I also think they would be perfect to have at a Halloween party!

Yea Melissa, I think this would be a great idea for photo prop masks as well – great idea! Subscribe to Summer Scraps!Receive my simple recipes and crafts directly to your email once a week for free!
The pentagon - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The pentagon headquarters united states department defense, located arlington county, virginia, potomac river washington, . Pentagon research ‘brain modem’ reality - , The tiny injectable machine turn noodle remote control. I want my Halloween costume to take as little effort as possible and be cheap—extremely cheap. It's one of those things that always seems to sneak up on you before you're prepared, so if you don't have tons of free time to make your own kickass costume, you might have throw together something a little more last minute.If you're really in a bind, it doesn't get much easier than this DIY papercraft polygon mask that you can print out and fold without even having to leave the house. When you purchase a mask, you gain access to a .pdf file download that will let your print out and make the mask yourself. Then Subscribe today!Receive my simple crafts and delicious recipes to your email each week for free!

That means I don't want to pay 50 bucks for some costume online or spend all day playing with liquid latex, and I most definitely do not want to visit a super crowded costume store in Hollywood.Thanks to redditor Doctorinister, I've found my Halloween costume this year, and all I really have to do is walk down my block and pick up one of those annoying palm tree fronds that are all over the street. Not all palm tree fronds will make good masks, but if you find any, you'll want to basal part of the frond, the thick wood part that connects the leaf with the tree. All you will need is cardboard or card stock and the tools to cut out and decorate your new disguise! You can find all the template files over on the project page, along with instructions and tips from Stephen.

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