Show up the other kids at school and bring your teacher a super-sized apple, well, paper-bag apple that is. If you have an iPad but have not yet found just the right cover, check out this tutorial on how to make your own iPad cover. The functionality and small size of an iPad Mini make it an ideal tablet for people on the move. For the outer cover, choose cotton or quilting fabric because these are durable and easy to work with. The length of the template is equivalent to two-and-a-half times the width of the iPad Mini, and the width is the length of the iPad Mini, plus an extra inch for the seam allowances. Place the outer fabric on top of the piece of batting, smooth out any wrinkles, and use dressmaker's pins to hold the two layers together. Stitch around the entire perimeter, but leave a 4-inch gap on the lower end, in order to turn the right sides out. People want to digitally immortalize high scores in games they play or just show their friends what their desktop looks like. The PDF is in English but the guide is in Japanese, thanks to plenty of pictures and Google Translate it’s easy to follow though.
The above picture is what started this all but it’s not following the Japanese how-to guide which creates a much more flush and professional installation.
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Well, here's a great way to do an April Fools Day trick on that friend or family member by giving them a fake home-made iPad.

However, keeping your iPad Mini in a handbag or pocket means it suffers scratches and knocks to the casing and screen. The choice of colors and patterns is enough to fire any imagination, so whether you want to be on trend with the vintage look, or go all-out kitsch with a retro print, there are plenty to select from.
The finished case is lightly padded, sufficient to protect your iPad Mini from casual knocks and bumps. The first step is to make a pattern template that looks like an elongated rectangle, which folds over with spare length for the flap closure.
To do this, place the right sides of the outer fabric and liner together, and match up the edges. Fold the fabric with the right side out to form a pouch big enough to hold the iPad Mini, with the remainder sticking out to form the flap. Then stick two with the hooks pointed down and two with hooks pointed upwards in a square formation on the wall. The snapshot taking feature is built-in into iOS and the images are saved directly into Camera Roll.
Combining the old with the new, why not stuff your iPad into the Mac Plus’s screen space? To protect it from dust, and keep your iPad Mini in good condition, a case is a perfect solution. You can narrow the choice further by type, such as vintage, quilting, or retro to suit your taste.
They are easy to sew, and a bespoke case makes an unusual and thoughtful gift for a special friend or relative that is bound to please.

Your screenshots will show up in the Photos app and from there you can send them through e-mail or share them via Facebook and Twitter.
The tools you will need is a half inch thick foam board, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, a ruler, a blade, and most importantly a print-out of the iPad template. There are many protective cases available to purchase, but for sheer individuality, it is easy to make a unique iPad Mini case that reflects your personality.
Cut out the pattern piece and check that the dimensions are correct by folding it around the iPad, in such a way that it forms a bag with a flap at the top. Use the fabric scissors and carefully follow the edge of the pattern to cut out the fabric layer plus batting.
For the quickest result, use a sewing machine, but an alternative is to hand sew with a simple running stitch. You only need a couple of pieces of fabric, some basic sewing skills, and an hour or two in which to assemble your bespoke cover. Use the ruler to push out those difficult to get to corners, and press again with the iron. One is the Home button that you use most of the time when you wish to come back to the desktop of the device and the second one s the power button you wake your iPad with or shut down the device.If you press the two at the same time you will hear a distinct sound, like the one photo cameras make. In the Camera app you can also tap on Camera Roll and the screenshot will also be available from there.Screenshots are basically just like any other photo captured with your external camera so they can be edited on the iPad, sent through e-mail or shared through a social network.

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