When my younger daughter was five or six, she and I went to a special event at our library. Then they taught the kids how to make bracelets with these looms, and said they were smaller-scale versions of looms invented by Japanese fishermen to braid rope.
Oh, and just as an aside, if you have any foam-core scraps from other projects (or just decide to buy a small sheet of it from a craft store), they make very sturdy Kumihimo looms. Cut string to a length of about 6 inches or more and insert the string through the hole on your paper bowl. Continue gluing the tissue paper strips from the center of your bowl to form a radial pattern. Once the glue has dried, unveil your jellyfish by gently turning your paper bowl upside down and holding your jellyfish by the string. I just decked out a clear umbrella with some pink tissue paper, fabric ribbon, and that thinner plastic ribbon that you can curl with a scissors.
As for how I made it, first I hit up Sir Google to check out other jellyfish costumes (guys, there wasn’t a single Slutty Jellyfish costume, which was both comforting and surprising). Lastly I just cut a whole bunch of long pink lengths of curl-able plastic ribbon (the one umbrella-decorating item that I ran out and bought for $1.50 at Michaels) and tied them to each of the metal spines (I did six lengths of them hanging down on each of the eight spines). Oh and I used a strategically placed ten cent placemat from a yard sale to make a gold belt and some little shoulder things. I just snipped it in half and cut off the curved part at the bottom and used the green rope belt that came with my dress to hold that in place in the front like a big ol’ gold front plate or something.
It was pretty funny watching him place each strip of tape in the mirror… whilst wearing the shirt. I loved them as-is (yes, I truly adore oddly shaped pumpkins just as they are) but I couldn’t resist having some fun with Clara and some paint.
My dog Lulu is going to be a cheerleader with a blonde bob wig with bangs and everything lol! This post made my morning, especially since we had some crazy crying going on at our house from 3-5 am.
I had wanted to make her into a Crazy Blue Beetle, a la Caspar Babypants and for my hub and I to be Cricket the King and Lady the Bug.
I was gonna guess mermaid at first for you Sherry (the color of the dress masked me think of that). This year I was going to be Jessie from Toy Story – but, alas, no adult-size red cowboy hats!
I am not sure if someone else asked already, BUT can you please take a picture of the glowy-ness (thats a word, right?) of the costume on Halloween night? I am being the Paper Bag Princess (I know it’s been done… but it will be fun and I thought of the best costume but need time to prepare it, so I already have my ideas for next year)!
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On their way to finding Nemo, Marlin and Dory encounter a huge school of jellyfish, and they have to bounce off the tops in order to avoid being stung by the dangling tentacles.
Print out the template and use it to cut a pair of matching shapes for each jellyfish you'd like to make.
Turn one of the paper shapes over so the non glittery side faces up and glue the ribbon tentacles to the bottom edge, as shown. Glue the matching paper shape (glittery side up) on top of the first one, sandwiching the ribbon tops and the knotted monofilament between them, and the jellyfish is ready to hang.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Yes, I think its really easy too – great for younger children who are having trouble following the instructions for a traditional friendship bracelet.
I bought a kit with everything in it for me and my Grandaughter since we always do crafts when she is over. I am teaching a group of 8-12 year old girls about what it means to be a friend and this is a great activity.
It would be even better if you can tie the end of the string onto a small object such as a paper clip or button. Instead of a dowel or stick, you can make a safer fishing pole from 2 drinking straws connected end-to-end. Hang them from the ceiling or from a railing to give your little corner of the house a summer or under-the-sea feel. And then John added some battery powered cold-to-the-touch LEDs to make it glow (tech nerd hubby FTW). As for the costumes that I did find, some were of the stuffed hat variety (like this) and others were made from umbrellas (like this), which I thought was a good choice for Clara because she could hold it and swing it around if she wanted, but not have to worry about balancing it on her head like a giant hat.
I did this because I wanted the bottom to be clear so Clara could walk and see, but thought the top would look more jellyfish-ish if it were more solid.
Then I dragged the edge of a scissors down them after tying each one in place to make them curly. Some people say that I look like Kahleesi from Game of Thrones (and who am I to argue with the idea of dressing up like a chick who HAS DRAGONS?).
As for the shoulder things, I just cut the remaining part of the placemat in half to create little triangles that I could tuck under the straps of my dress and pin them to keep them there (forgot to get a detail shot of those for ya, but you can sort of see them peeking out from behind my wig in the full shot above). I think he’s nothing if not dedicated (my version of a snowflake would have a lot fewer line segments). Meanwhile I added a little dot for an eye on the caterpillar and swiped my paint brush around it to quickly make some rough little wrinkles, like the sections of a caterpillar. You do remind me of Kelisi (hope I spelled that right) and John’s costume is right up my alley. I also have a party to go to this year and almost considered being an adult sized jelly fish but ended up going for something else insteead.

To put things into perspective, we were taking these photos on our side yard and a big van drove down our street and turned around SUPER SLOOOOWLY in our cul-de-sac.
As more and more carbon dioxide is trapped in the sea ocean water is becoming more and more of an  acidic liquid . Many seaside  resorts have reported that fewer holiday tourists are arriving because of jellyfish. If you plan on hanging the jellyfish, knot one end of a length of monofilament and glue it to the top of the paper.
The most popular ones are pink, blue and purple but you can always paint your jellyfish the way you like.
A soft breeze will make them turn round and round and their tentacles do dance around in the air.
Next I tied some long strands of thick fabric ribbon around each of the spines inside the umbrella that holds it open so those could hang down around Clara. Since it gets dark so much earlier these days we actually think they’ll come in handy.
And if nothing else, at least the background of his photo brought of touch of Winterfell to it.
No, they didn’t get infested or anything, I just love unusual pumpkins and Clara loves bugs, so she helped me turn one into a spider and the other one into a caterpillar.
When they dried, we added some little painted on eyes to Clara’s spider (she loved the idea of four of them since I showed her a picture online of a real spider with four eyes) and we called them good.
I saw all sorts of fun tentacle ideas when I Googled (using bubble wrap, ribbon, fabric strips, etc) and loved them all, so I decided to just work with the things we already had around the house (like ribbon leftover from this tree) and see how things went. So he was not amused when he magically became a seal thanks to this costume that we found at Target.
Here’s how they started out (we got them here because they looked so bug-like, which spawned this paint-job idea). Bacteria cannot use this to grow but, instead, breathe it out in the form of carbon dioxide, which is then set free into the atmosphere. We joked that he just needed a crown and a scepter so he could be a King Seal to match Clara’s royal sea-creature status. Still kinda bummed Target didn’t carry the lobster or shark costumes they had in previous years, but he does make a pretty cute seal.

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