And recently, I’ve had numerous people ask me how I use PowerPoint to create my graphics. Here are the basics and some slightly advanced tricks to help you create better graphics in PowerPoint.
I have to note though, that PowerPoint has significantly improved its tools and features in recent versions. Here’s one of the primary reasons I love using PowerPoint – you can get the perfect sized image or graphic in one easy step!
Another reason I love PowerPoint is that the graphic background options are pretty much limitless! If you want to use an image as the background, you can also just insert the image, crop it and size it to fit the slide dimensions, and there you go! If you want to create various graphics within one PowerPoint presentation, you can actually ensure they all look different and maintain the style you created for each. Here’s where the quick fix tips come in that allow you to cheaply Photoshop your images. You can easily crop images to remove content or select only the portion of the image you want.
This only really works when you have a simple background color (like all white with no shadows). You can also enhance your image with color tone, saturation, and other aspects from the Picture Tools Format tab. Another sneaky trick if you want to watermark your image or make it look faded, go to the Artistic Effects option and select the Crisscross Etching effect. Of course, chances are you need to add text or shapes or borders to increase the effect of your graphic. Inserting borders is also really easy. From the Shapes selections, choose the round or square shape that has the double line. One of the reasons that PicMonkey and Canva are so popular is that they’ve already created the design template for you. In PowerPoint, you have to create your own designs and finding the right design isn’t always easy.
Once you know what you like, create a template (or two or three) that you can then edit as needed. I tried GIMP too and have used it occasionally but definitely didn’t really take to it.
Meet Jenn!I am here to help you make sense of Social Media management and to understand the current trends in Social Media. Click on my photo to visit my About page and learn more about me and my perspective on Social Media management.
Download this easy-to-follow ebook for everything you need to know about how to use Instagram. Thank you to each and every one of you for joining me here and sharing in my life and business on Instagram. Design Tutorials, ICYMI, PowerPointsWe took our 25 best logo design tips and assembled them into visual form. For the sake of keeping things relevant, this post is about a presentation website that will make all of your future employers think that you are much more impressive than you will ever deserve.
Learn simple PPT design tips and tricks to build great presentations people will care about. PowerPoint has probably been generating more bad design and pain that perhaps any other digital tool in history.
These rules are just an introduction, but they are the key to successful PowerPoint presentation design.I believe that to start building awesome PowerPoint presentations, you must master size, typography and color scheme. People often stress out about finding the right typeface for their PowerPoint presentation design and they are right. For all your presentation slides, try to keep a big font size.  Whether your plan to show your PowerPoint presentation at a public presentation or not. Second, it’s a great exercise to help you develop effective presentation skills, as you will have to learn how to summarize content.
Many people think that PowerPoint presentations shall be full of colors like children birthday cakes, but, unfortunately, they shouldn’t.

For all your content slides, use of black for core text (in that case, your PPT background shall be white or light grey) and use the ONE or TWO additional colors to highlight important keywords, statements or figures.
This free newsletter will send you great tips, tricks, and templates for building presentations that make a difference. Powerpoint unfortunately suffers from being the defacto business tool for presentation design therefore it suffers from bad presentation design all too often.
PPTPOP ?PPTPOP helps you to craft irresistible pitches that conquer the souls and wallets of your audience.
Obviously, I can’t produce all the same things that someone with Photoshop can produce. If you know you have to exclude the left 200 pixels, then start your content 2 inches from the left side of the slide. You can use one of the PPT slide designs (newer versions have much better design options!). You can also crop to a shape to create a star, circle, rounded square, or other shape out of your images. If you have multiple colors, shading, or other objects in the background this tool won’t work. When the Format Picture options open up, change the settings for the Crisscross Etching – they default to transparency at 75% and pressure at 30%. Click and drag the shape to the size you want or simply click on the slide to insert a text box. So you can enhance your graphics by adding 3D aspects to your text, shapes, border, images, and more.
Add multiple images, text boxes, shapes, and content to create depth and detail that you won’t find in other graphics.
They will all be selected and now you can drag them around the slide to relocate them to a better orientation. Dotted lines will align with other items on the screen to ensure you have items in the same alignment.
Instead, use your cursor buttons on your keyboard (up, down, left, right) to move the item in small increments (note that this works best in PowerPoint 2013). I promise to always do my best to provide helpful and useful articles in order to make your online marketing strategy more successful. And, yes, all of these tips are directly applicable just to creating good PPT slide presentations.
Simple but elegant way to have visual appeal without spending a tin of time doing it from scratch every time. I was trying to learn GIMP as the basic PhotoFilter was not sufficient to create good banner. I actually really like using Facebook Live video and have posted many of these to my Facebook page and group. Designing effective color systems for your logos and brands using established color theory. Now that that’s established, the REAL reason why I am commenting on this wildly convenient website is because on the homepage of Prezi there is a man who gives a short video presentation of Prezi’s capabilities.
If you can’t read a teleprompter and you don’t know how a green screen works, let your boss know.
Or DO make the same mistake that the Prezi man-boy made, and let us know about it so that I can write about it. Now, it’s (almost) over.  In this first PowerPoint tutorial, we will learn three generic rules that will get you on the way to design professional PowerPoint templates and creative presentations at the same time !
But watch out, more space doesn’t have to lead to more text, pictures and graphs but to better optimization of the slide.
But as combining fonts can be tricky, there’s one rule here: don’t choose another font which style is relatively close to the first one, it will cause visual confusion. I personally use a minimum of 20 for important parts, and 14 to 18 for less important parts. Colors picked must be visible, contrast between each other’s and with your PowerPoint background. Paris and currently living in Shanghai where I've spent the last 6 years shipping marketing strategies for big companies.

And, yes, recently a number of new tools (Canva and PicMonkey for example) have come onto the market, designed to make graphics easy to build. The 2010 version has most of the same features but older versions will be missing a lot of the new tools. It’s really that easy and the slide size will translate perfectly when converted to an image for upload. This will change your current slide’s format, but leave all other slides as they were. Reduce the pressure to 0% (the effect of the crisscross which you don’t want to see) and then shift the transparency to the level of opacity you desire to reduce the saturation of the original image, making it look more like a watermark. Dotted lines will also appear to symbolize when an item is centered vertically or horizontally on the slide or in relation to another item.
I change the image and edit the text but the formats, shapes, text effects, and more are all saved so I don’t have to recreate them every time.
But this should help you get started and make it easier for you to create graphics in PowerPoint.
I think I tend to get bored with the same stuff and am always looking for additional resources! We take a look at how important colors are when it comes to logo design and how to pick the best combination for the right message. If they are at all the kind of group of people who you want to eventually work for, they’ll understand. Take a look at the fonts below: they’re an example of how typography powerfully works at shaping your presentation design. Sign up here to learn how to build copy, pitches and presentations that persuade and make you more money. But, even if you’re using an older version, the general practice and builds in PowerPoint will all work the same.
If you click and drag the little yellow diamond on the shape, you can shrink or enlarge the width of the frame. Do you like text overlays in shaded shapes or do you like the text right on top of an image?
I didn’t know about it before, but now I will have to use the info about the Graphic size. I call it the Michel Gondry effect, where you stare at something seemingly simple, tilt your head, and think “how does that even happen?” It’s awesome. If you can make your mistakes public so that the rest of us can learn from it, we’re all better off. Even if you have a lot to write, keep in mind that you don’t need to write down everything to communicate important points. I think it’s freaking awesome that there are tools and templates to help everyone create stunning graphics. Clicking and dragging the pencil around the area will select the large area in the color range. There are times, however, where the item you want is behind another layer and you can’t get to it. So, if you love one design, but your colors are blue instead of green, find a blue color scheme that matches your branding. Click on the background color you wish you remove and all colors in that spectrum will be removed from the image.
Select “Save Changes” when done and your image is now isolated from the background! In this case, you can drag the top item away to get to the other layer or you can choose to rearrange the front layer by moving it backwards.
Sometimes it’s going to be going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and getting a quote on doorknobs for the female bathroom.

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